Bran finisher

by Teresa Acklin
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Kice Industries, Inc.'s bran finisher was designed by millers to ensure utmost efficiency. Alternating beaters create product flow that reduces impact and wear on the screen. The beater bars are made from mild steel with hardened edges to reduce wear. The iron hub assemblies insure alignment and smooth operation. External controls adjust the internal vanes, which monitor the retention time of the material in the unit. Plus, screens are shaped to maximize separation efficiency. Heavy-duty, four-bolt flange bearings support the shaft and rotor assembly. The end plates, made of steel 1.27 cm (½-inch) thick, have removable doors on both sides of the housing to permit easy access to inspect or replace screens or beater bars. Models range in capacity from 450 to 900 kilograms (1,000 to 2,000 pounds) per hour of coarse bran. Free testing of grain is available to determine the characteristics for processing and recommended system designs.