Bogasari pasta unit in mill runs at 25% of full capacity

by Teresa Acklin
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   One of the surprises in touring the Jakarta milling facilities of Bogasari Flour Mills is coming upon the modern pasta manufacturing plant located practically in the center of the huge flour mill complex. This plant, which was built three years ago as a step toward diversification of the Bogasari business, produces pasta from 100% durum semolina destined 90% for export and only 10% for the domestic market.

   The pasta plant contains three highly advanced lines from Buhler Ltd., Uzwil, Switzerland, including two for producing long goods and one for short goods.

   The pasta plant has a monthly capacity of 4,500 tonnes, equal to 54,000 tonnes on an annual basis. Production in a typical month recently has been around 1,000 tonnes, indicating that output has been at less than 25% of capacity.

   Using the Bogasari and La Fonte brand names, the unit's output mainly moves to distributors in Australia, South Korea and the Middle East. The recent acquisition of Bogasari by Indofood Sukses Makmur, Indonesia's largest food company and dominant producer of cup noodles, was indicated in seeing consumer-size packages of pasta being placed in cartons bearing the Indofood label.