Better farming practices, grain science and technology boost grain harvest

by Emily Buckley
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AUSTRALIA — Better farming practices boosted this year’s South Australian grain harvest, despite the growing season being the grimmest in eight years.

Managing director of AusBulk, John Murray, said that the key South Australian agribusiness expects to receive 3 million tonnes of grain, the lowest total since 1994-95.

"If we look back to the 1982-83 harvest, which had similar weather conditions to this harvest, we see that our company received only a little over one million tonnes of grain," Murray said.

He said growers had improved water efficiency through better control of root diseases, nutrition, minimum tillage, stubble retention methods and an ability to harvest, deliver and store their crops more quickly.

At the same time, improvements to AusBulk’s network of receival centers, such as a A$2.2 million upgrade of the Crystal Brook site, has enhanced the company’s ability to receive and store grain, besides offer growers more options with storage segregations.