Bagging, yield control and flour bins

by Emily Wilson
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Teta Muhendislik, Ankara, Turkey, manufactures automatic bagging machines, electronic flow scales, yield control systems, modular flour bins and blending systems, vibrating bin dischargers and material handling equipment. Grain storage silos engineered, manufactured, erected and commissioned by the company are delivered on a turnkey basis, and include distributors, slide gates, valves, spouts, catwalks, steel supports and an electrical control board. Automatic bagging machines manufactured in single, four- or six-station models for open-mouth bags reach capacities from 300 bags to 900 bags per hour. The TETA-RKS Yield Control System software accurately controls throughput capacity and product yield values in flour, semolina and rice mills. Modular steel flour bins are manufactured with food-grade epoxy-painted panels and can be assembled at the site.