BMH Marine: Leading supplier of continuous ship unloaders

by Chrystal Shannon
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For any ship size and any dry bulk cargo, BMH Marine AB delivers an unloader that suits the purpose. More than 200 continuous Siwertell screw unloaders have been supplied worldwide, in addition to the new generation pneumatic PortMaster unloader, of which six units are in operation in the Middle East.

In the past year, BMH delivered three 2,000-tph coal unloaders to Taiwan for use on ships up to 180,000 dwt; a 1,300-tph sulfur unloader to Western Australia; an 800-tph fertilizer unloader to Korea; a cement unloader to Nigeria; a port-mobile cement unloader to Puerto Rico; and two road-mobile cement unloaders to Indonesia.

The design of the Siwertell unloaders allows for various bulk commodities to be unloaded with the same Siwertell unit. For example, in Montoir, France, soy pellets, grain derivatives and cement are handled by a single Siwertell unloader. In Buena Ventura, Colombia, both grain and fertilizers are discharged with one Siwertell unit. And in Bremen, Germany, fishmeal, grain and grain derivatives are unloaded by a single Siwertell unloader.

Siwertell screw unloaders are available rail-mounted to operate along the length of a ship, fixed on a pedestal, ship-based, road-mobile to be placed on a semi-trailer, or port-mobile on rubber wheels. PortMaster pneumatic unloaders for grain and agribulk can be stationary, tire-mounted, rail-bound, self-propelled or towed units with capacities up to 600 tph, capable of use on ship sizes up to 120,000 dwt.

Ship loaders, conveying and storage systems for grain terminals are also included in BMH Marine’s product portfolio.