BMH Chronos Richardson supplies packing system to Goodman Fielder

by Emily Wilson
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BESTWOOD, NOTTINGHAM, U.K. — Goodman Fielder Group contracted BMH Chronos Richardson, Nottingham, to design, supply, install and commission a packing system for Goodman Fielder’s Kingsgrove factory, located near Sydney, Australia. The new plant will be dedicated to packing a diverse range of specialist food mixes.

After detailed material evaluation and with experience gained on existing packing systems supplied by BMH Chronos Richardson to Goodman Fielder, the process requirements of the new system were carefully established. Working closely with its Australian partner, CR Weighing & Packaging, BMH Chronos Richardson supplied: a screw-fed E55 bagging weigher; a CHRONO-FILL K.6.1 carousel bagging system with in-built reclaim system; an automatic bag placer with an integral bag coding and marking system; bag sealing system with automatic stitcher and over-tape device; CHRONO-PAL PL900C compact palletizer suitable for use with wooden and plastic pallets; and overall line control.

CR Weighing & Packaging integrated a locally sourced metal detection, check weighing and reject system into the line prior to the palletizing station. It also undertook the installation and commissioning of the complete system.

Of major importance to Goodman Fielder was BMH Chronos Richardson’s ability to offer the complete bagging and palletizing system from within its own product portfolio. Other significant factors included good experiences gained with BMH Chronos Richardson’s previously supplied equipment and its established relationship with an Australian partner company, which enabled equipment standards and guarding to be supplied to Australian standards.