Australia: Murray Rogers to retire as AWB Limited c.e.o.

by Stormy Wylie
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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — AWB Limited, an international wheat marketing organization owned by Australian wheat growers, is seeking a new chief executive. Murray Rogers, the current c.e.o., recently announced he would retire in the first half of 2000.

A search is underway to find a new c.e.o. who can "take the organization through the ongoing change required for the next phase of its growth and development, including preparation for listing on the Australian Stock Exchange," the AWB board said.

Mr. Rogers guided the organization through its transition from a statutory government authority to a grower-owned public company, according to Trevor Flugge, AWB chairman. "His contribution is all the more remarkable because this period has been characterized by tremendous change as we have turned AWB Limited from a statutory government organization to an unlisted public company," Mr. Flugge said.

Mr. Rogers was appointed managing director of the Australian Wheat Board in June 1997. He became c.e.o. in July 1999 when AWB became a public company.

Prior to joining the AWB, Mr. Rogers was with Kellogg for 30 years.