Association of Operative Millers celebrates 100 years of excellence through technology and education.

by Teresa Acklin
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A.O.M. preview: 100th technical conference and trade show

   A presentation on the history of flour milling highlights the Association of Operative Millers' 100th Annual Technical Conference and Trade Show May 4-8 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

   In conjunction with the trade show, World Grain features the following products, services and developments of interest to millers and grain handlers:

      Agrogiva dryers and storage bins

   Agrogiva SRL, Milan, Italy, is known internationally for its efficient, top quality bins and storage plants. In 1995, the company introduced innovative developments in grain drying systems with the Ecodry, a new dryer that meets worldwide ecological and energy savings requirements.

   More than 3 million tonnes of grain and oleaginous seeds are stored in Agrogiva bins, and almost 5 million tonnes are processed and dried by the company's dryers. Agrogiva's highly qualified and experienced personnel meets the customer's needs by offering a number of services, including study and analysis of the project; layout, preliminary and final project design; project implementation; and commissioning, testing and staff training.

      Boston Gear motion control products

   Since 1877, Boston Gear, Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S., has led the growth in the power transmission industry with innovation and determination. Today, we have five manufacturing facilities in the United States whose completed products are inventoried at our central distribution facility supporting regional warehouses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Boston Gear has a full line of electrical and mechanical motion control products to meet the industry's motion control requirements.

   The DuraKleen Boston Gear System is specifically engineered and designed for the flour milling industry. This U.S.-patented rollermill differential has proven to be reliable, and many millers have experienced reductions in unscheduled downtime and savings in related expenses.

   The DuraKleen Gear system, operating in the United States, Canada, Mexico and two European countries, uses the special Powerform tooth configuration to assure the dependability and integrity of the non-lubricated, non-metallic differential gear system.

      Buhler wheat tempering system

   Keeping informed about the latest developments in grain cleaning and processing is important to every miller, and the A.O.M. trade show provides ample opportunity to do so. Buhler Ltd., Uzwil, Switzerland and Buhler, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., are exhibiting two of the latest designs, the MTRB Separator and the MYFB Automatic Moisture Control unit.

   Cereals need constant moisture to achieve the best milling performance with optimum flour yield and lowest energy consumption. The microwave technology is safe, and it accurately measures the moisture in either dry or damp grain.

   The new Automatic Moisture Control unit precisely calculates the quantity of water to inject into the MOZK Tri-Rotor Dampener, which is normally installed in the grain stream ahead of the moisture measuring unit. The intensive action of the machine forces the water to penetrate the wheat uniformly and quickly, producing the mellowing necessary for optimum milling. This newly developed solution allows a water addition of up to 7% in a single pass.

      Cimbria grain cleaners

   Delta, the cleaner division of Cimbria Unigrain A/S, Thisted, Denmark, is meeting the growing demand for larger cleaning machines with three new high volume cleaners. The new line, which includes units with capacities of 120 tonnes per hour, 240 tph and 360 tph, features the patented Drive Boss, a double drive balance oscillation and suspension system. Unlike traditional systems, the Drive Boss drives two sieve boats with only one eccentric drive. The eccentric rods are connected to the screen boats by special rubber oscillating drive heads, and the two screen boats are suspended by parallel double rubber swing elements. When one screen boat moves, the other swings in the opposite direction as a counterweight. This suspended swinging motion counterbalances the force of the screen boats, preventing the force from being absorbed by the cleaner frame and the building.

      Comptrol flow measurement, bag filling and palletizing

   Congratulations to the A.O.M. on its 100th anniversary — a century milestone to be celebrated! Comptrol has presented its products to the milling industry over the past 14 years, and we are very proud members of the A.O.M.

   At Comptrol, we make it our top priority to listen to our customers and develop products that meet their specific needs. The result — we are now the industry leader in supplying weighing and flow control solutions to the milling industry.

   Our products on display this year include the SUMamatic 36SLS, a larger model of the Feedamatic 67 Series of loss-in-weight scales and our new Momentum 25F Feeders. Also included will be the MillView, which offers critical data on mill and cleaning house operations; and the BlendView, which delivers an automated recipe base blending and mixing system. For the second year, Comptrol also will offer a complete line of bag filling and palletizing solutions.

   We will exhibit these products in booth numbers 21, 23 and 25 and invite you to stop by and discuss your needs.

      Electro-Sensors speed monitoring systems

   Electro-Sensors, Inc., Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S., experts in machine monitoring and control, offers a new speed monitoring systems full line catalog. The catalog provides new product information and applications and ways to make rotating process machinery more efficient. Products include speed switches, tachometers, counters, vibration monitoring, speed to analog converters and a new section on shaft rotation sensors and pulse generators.

      Favini adjustable oscillating sieve

   Favini Impianti s.r.l., Bergamo, Italy, manufactures an adjustable oscillating sieve with a wide range of applications for granular, cut or milled products. It consists of a set of three or more rectangular sieves inserted in the mobile structure of the machine and is supported by four oscillating steel parts and a rubber core. Sieves come with wooden or metal frames. Doors located on the upper part of the machine make it easy to inspect and clean. Capacity ranges from 200 to 1,000 kilograms per hour.

      Fundiciones Balaguer chilled rolls

   Founded in 1916, Fundiciones Balaguer, S.A., Alicante, Spain, manufactures chilled rolls for the flour milling and oilseed industries. Solid rolls have uniform hardness because of casting of two materials that allow accurate measurement of chill depth. The rolls come in a range of standard hardness and can be modified at customer request.

      Grain Systems tower dryers

   Grain Systems, Inc., Assumption, Illinois, U.S., introduces a line of tower dryers for commercial grain operations.

   The dryers offer several features, including 30-centimeter grain columns equipped with grain turners to assure uniformly dried grain. A simplified grain discharge system eliminates sweep augers and provides for quick dryer cleanout. Recycled heat reduces fuel costs, and in line centrifugal blowers are internally mounted for a quiet operation.

   G.S.I. tower dryers also feature the new Electronic Monitoring Control System, which self-diagnoses dryer problems and displays the information on a large backlit liquid crystal display. The Electronic Monitoring Control System also is featured in new Airstream dryers introduced by G.S.I.'s Airstream grain conditioning division.

      Great Western sifters

   Great Western Manufacturing Co., Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S., is a leading manufacturer of sifters used in the cereal milling industry. These include the Model HS free-swinging sifters and the single section Tru-Balance.

   The HS sifter is available from two to eight sections in three sieve sizes with a range of net sifting areas available. The Tru-Balance is available in either an enclosed box type unit or a boxless version with nest together sieves, lift out screen frames and net area of 0.836 square meters per sieve.

   Great Western is now manufacturing a sifter that can be directly inserted in a positive pressure conveying line, the In-Line Tru Balance. At the 1996 A.O.M. “What's New?” session, the model 631 In-Line Tru-Balance sifter will be presented. This machine has been designed for flour rebolt applications at rates of 450 kg per minute with a 40 mesh (475m) screen. The versatile design allows this machine to be used in many varied applications.

      Happle turnkey plants

   A leading German manufacturer of machinery and turnkey plants in the cereal food industry, Happle GmbH & Co., Weissenhorn/Bayern, Germany, guarantees quality, know-how and reliability. From high efficiency precleaning and milling equipment to complete silo and milling plants for wheat, maize and rye as well as animal feed plants and installations in the malt and brewers industry, Happle engineers design machines and plants based on the long tradition of the company and with the spirit of continuous research and product innovation. Happle also established its own division for electronics. With a patented program processor and developed-in-house software packages for supervision and control of milling plants, feedmills and brewing plants, Happle supplies turnkey packages of mechanical and electrical equipment to benefit the customer.

      InterSystems bucket elevators, equipment

   Bucket elevators from InterSystems, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., feature pillow block bearings, quick release hinged doors, safety labeling and detailed computer calculations. The self cleaning and gravity boot designs have a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters per hour. Bucket elevators are galvanized and made of stainless steel.

   Choose from five automatic truck probes with compartmentalized or core tips. Automatic truck probes are free standing and hydraulically operated with extendible boom, long range delivery units and joystick controls.

   InterSystems has 20 models of automatic samplers. Operation can be air, electric or hydraulic with compact, dust-tight design. Also spout, belt or pneumatic line designs are offered.

   The bulkweighing system displays flow rate and has programmable soft keys. Active graphic displays come in weight certificate printouts.

      Ocrim S.p.A. automated equipment

   Increasingly, the flour milling industry relies on automation for plant operations. Automation is used to assure consistent quality and excellence of product, maximum facility utilization, consistently superior milling performance and minimum human intervention and error. These operational guarantees provide a quicker return on investment for mills and their investors.

   Continuing its flour milling automation program started in the 1970s, Ocrim will introduce at its A.O.M. booth the latest in automated equipment, including the horizontal rollermill model LAM-CA 250 x 1000 with automatic roll gap adjustment, special Flowmatic meters models FCA and FIS for wheat and flour products and the automatic dampening system model DMA.

   A computerized supervisory control system, based on redundant personal computer configuration and a programmable logic controller connected by local area network, also will be on display. The LAM-CA rollermill is connected to the supervisory p.c., which allows, through an “Expert System,” automated operation of the roll gap adjustment according to process parameters.

   Visitors to Ocrim's booth can check a working automatic adjustment system by an interactive mathematical simulation model specifically designed for the A.O.M. trade show.

      Perten analytical equipment

   The Perten Instruments Group was originally founded more than three decades ago by Harald Perten, a cereal chemist by training. Mr. Perten's lifelong quest, and thus the goal of the company, was to provide rapid, meaningful and accurate analytical equipment for cereal grain producers, users and processors.

   Today, the company has offices in Sweden, Germany, France, Switzerland, North America and Australia. Perten also has sales and technical representatives located throughout Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, South Africa and Europe. In all, Perten is active in more than 70 countries.

   The Perten Instruments Group prides itself on building high quality equipment that is easy to operate, reliable and accurate. As specialists in the quality control of grain, flour and food products, Perten provides analyzers for alpha-amylase detection, gluten determination and hardness classification, laboratory mills for sample preparation and near-infrared analysis systems.

      Prive steel bin roofs

   For 40 years, Prive S.A., Chalons-en- Champagne, France, has specialized in grain bins made of galvanized corrugated steel sheets. The company has been approved by SOCOTEC, the technical control office, to produce roofs of 28 and 32 meters in diameter.

   The frames are composed of galvanized cold formed steel sections that are bolted together. Roof elements consist of trapezoidal panels with high ribs for tightness and stiffness.

   Benefits include faster manufacturing; a lighter frame, which makes transport and erection easier; and a corrosion warranty based on highly galvanized (450 grams of zinc per square meter) steel.

      Prokop milling machines

   For more than a century, Prokop Milling Machines, Pardubice, Czech Republic, has provided reliable services and quality milling equipment. Prokop designs new mills and reconstructs, expands or modernizes existing mills. The company also installs scale control and extraction equipment.

      Research Products Co. fumigants

   During 1992, Research Products Co., Salina, Kansas, U.S., re-introduced the Weevil-Cide name. The trademark represents what we believe to be the most dependable aluminum phosphide fumigant preparation available to grain handlers and food processors alike. We have always specialized in supplying goods and technical services tailored to the needs of cereal grain millers, grain handlers, exporters, food processors and other industries involved with the protection of raw agricultural commodities from insect attack and destruction. At Research Products Co. we understand the value of your resources. That's why Weevil-Cide is back, to help you supply your customers with high quality, nutritious, filth-free food. Weevil-Cide, no other name can stand up to the test of true quality and absolute dependability.

      Vibronet cereal dampening system

   Vibration dampeners from Graf GmbH, Lahnau, Germany, can cut temper time by at least half, depending on grain quality. It tempers wheat, barley, oats, maize, rice, pulses, beans and peas. The Vibronet system has been patented worldwide, and the efficiency of the machinery has been proven for five years not only in the flour milling industry, but also in the production of feed and breakfast cereals. Because of the reduced tempering time, the finished product contains a lower amount of bacteria.

   The dampener saves energy, needing less than 0.2 kilowatt-hours per tonne. Water addition of up to 8% is possible. The system is sturdy and simple and needs only a few spare parts. All parts are easily exchangeable. Vibronet vibration dampeners are delivered completely wired and connected with a control panel.

      Vigan shipunloaders

   Vigan Engineering S.A., Nivelles, Belgium, specializes in the construction of a wide range of shipunloaders for grain millers around the world. Vigan has concentrated its capabilities, experience and know-how in the fabrication of reliable and well adapted shipunloaders.

   Shipunloaders range from the light mobile 60 tph unit to the NIV 600 tph and higher capacities.

   Vigan has met the millers' need for high efficiency unloading operations and decreased ship tie-up time. Engineers have considered not only the rated capacity, but the real efficiency from the top of the hold to the end of the cleaning operation. The efficiency of Vigan's new line of pneumatic shipunloaders is higher than any mechanical or pneumatic system.

   The company's shipunloaders have been highly successful because of a turbo suction exhauster, which incorporates the latest aircraft turbo engine technology and thermodynamic efficiency. This multistage centrifugal turbo exhauster runs quietly, offers low maintenance and reduces dust.

   Together the multi-stage centrifugal turbo exhauster, the automatic air regulator and the piping system reduce energy consumption per tonne unloaded by 0.65 kilowatts tph.

      Westeel wide-corr hopper tanks

   Westeel, Fargo, North Dakota, U.S., and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, offers wide-corr hopper tanks. These rugged tanks lead the industry in design and function and are well known for their quality construction, ease of cleaning and overall convenience. They feature full T-Beam construction at the base with scientifically engineered cross bracing and Z bar external stiffeners for maximum support. Designed from the ground up for faster overall assembly and lower construction costs, all base components are provided factory punched, and the bin side walls are constructed of easy to install Wide-Corr 10-centimeter corrugated sheets. A 61-cm round access door comes standard and provides both easy access and a reliable seal against the elements. Hopper bins are available in sizes up to 10.9 meters in diameter and capacities of more than 1,362 tonnes.

      H.R. Williams sifting materials

   H.R. Williams Mill Supply, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., is a well established manufacturer with a full line of sifting materials, including synthetic and wire meshes, mill supplies, equipment and consultation services serving the milling, baking and food industries since 1905. H.R. Williams is recognized worldwide for our commitment to quality, service and experienced workmanship. Through constant product development and technical innovation, H.R. Williams has built an organization of capable, skilled personnel whose product knowledge and expertise assures our customers of the best quality and service available in the food industry.

   Our product line provides a complete range of milling supplies, useful in all food manufacturing applications.

   The sales staff of H.R. Williams would be glad to assist you with any of your operational requirements. We invite visitors to the H.R. Williams A.O.M. booth, located at floor sections 703, 705 and 802.

      York hopper bottom silos

   York Manufacturing Co., York, Nebraska, U.S., introduces two new larger diameter hopper bottom silos. Capacities range from 1,400 tonnes on the 10.36 meter silo to 1,500 tonnes on the 11.30 meter silo.

   With more emphasis on larger silos, flour and feed mills can use these super sized hopper bottom silos in conjunction with above-ground, easier to maintain conveyors.

   If high seismic and wind load conditions prevail, York hopper silos can be designed to meet these conditions. And with a wide range of accessory items available, silos may be customized to meet optimum efficiency.