American Society of Brewing Chemists approves Falling Number method

by Emily Buckley
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HUDDINGE, SWEDEN — The American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) has officially approved the Perten Instruments Group’s Falling Number method for determining barley sprout damage.

The official approval was granted after ten labs in North America and Europe completed a detailed study of the method that evaluated the inter-lab as well as the intra-lab error of the Falling Number method.

Perten’s Falling Number method has been used worldwide to detect sprout damage in wheat and rye for more than 40 years. Perten attributes the system’s ease-of-use and high reproducibility as reasons why approximately 15,000 Falling Number units are currently in use at grain elevators, flour mills and other grain labs worldwide.

Traditionally, barley sprout damage has not received as much attention. But recent weather conditions in combination with a higher awareness of the impact of sprout damage on malting quality has generated a strong interest from the malting and brewing industry, Perten said.

The Perten Instruments Group provides instruments for content measurement and quality control of the milling, grain, feed and food industries. These tools include near-infrared analyzers, laboratory mills, single kernel analyzers, and analyzers that characterize gluten and starch quality for the milling industry.