Amandus Kahl celebrates 125 years

by Emily Wilson
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Amandus Kahl in August celebrated its 125th year in operation. The company was founded in 1876 in Hamburg by Johann Heinrich Aman-dus Kahl and August Wendte.

Initially, Kahl manufactured plants for processing chalky sandstone as well as machines for oil mills, mills and the food industry. Since 1920, the company has specialized in complete production plants for the feed, food, chemical and recycling industries.

Member companies of the Kahl Group include Neuhaus Neotec GmbH, Berthold Wachtel GmbH, and F.H. Schule Mühlenbau GmbH, which produces plants and machines for processing rice, cereals and legumes.

Brothers Joachim and Jan Berhmann have managed Amandus Kahl together since 1975, focusing on individual consultation and service.

"We wanted to hold our company on course," the Berhmanns said. "We succeeded with the help of our employees."

The company’s versatility and innovation has been a key to its longevity.

"Our central technologies of agglomeration, drying, extruding, mixing and crushing do not bind us to certain industries, the company said. "We are trouble shooters for all industrial branches which process solid matters."

Some of Kahl’s milestone innovations include pelleting chopped hay in 1951; receiving a patent in 1956 for pelleting dried beet pulp; developing a pelleting plant in 1959 for rice bran with a high fat content; creating a conditioning technique of raw materials for compound feed in 1967; and introducing expander technology in compound feed processing in 1988.

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