AgriTec, Producers Rice Mill set U.S. biomass venture

by Emily Buckley
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WEBSTER, TEXAS, U.S. — AgriTec Systems, Inc. plans to build the first commercial manufacturing plant using its patented technology for producing liquid sodium silicate and activated carbon products from rice hull ash (RHA) raw material.

The plant will utilize patented technology developed by AgriTec Systems’ subsidiary AgriTec, Inc. The technology exploits the unique chemical properties of the amorphous silica and activated carbon that collectively comprise over 99% of the composition of RHA.

The new plant will be located near Producers Rice Mill facilities in Stuttgart, Arkansas, U.S., and will process 12,000 tonnes per year of RHA from Producers’ mill. An output of 25,000 tonnes of liquid sodium silicate and 5,000 of activated carbon annually is expected.

Construction is scheduled to begin in January and be completed in the third quarter of 2003.

AgriTec and Producers Rice Mill have formed an Arkansas limited liability company, AgriTecSorbents, LLC. AgriTecSorbents will finance, engineer, construct and operate the plant, which has a projected investment of U.S.$3,245,000.