AWB to build two new grain handling sites in S. Australia

by Emily Wilson
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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIAAWB Limited plans to invest approximately A$18 million (U.S.$9.9 million) in two new storage and handling sites at Mallala and Crystal Brook in South Australia, announced Andrew Lindberg, AWB Limited’s chief executive.

"Growers can expect savings of approximately A$2 to A$3 per tonne (U.S.$1.10 to U.S.$1.65) on the combined up-country storage and handling fee and the rail deduction to port," said Lindberg. "AWB is firmly committed to reducing supply chain costs."

The facilities, which are due for completion by November this year, will use the latest technology and will have the capacity to receive 8,000 tonnes of grain per day. They will have rapid rail loading capability with two x 1,350 tonnes over-rail bins capable of loading a 2,700-tonne train in less than two hours.