AWB, Bogasari to market co-branded flour in Indonesia

by Emily Wilson
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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — In a new initiative, AWB Ltd. has announced it is directly targeting international, end-product consumers through an unprecedented agreement with Indonesia’s Bogasari Flour Mills. AWB Managing Director Andrew Lindberg said the consumer campaign was part of its marketing strategy to further strengthen end user demand for Australian wheat.

"Under the agreement, AWB and Bogasari will jointly promote co-branded flour," Lindberg said. "The joint promotions include television and print advertising, ‘road shows’ to Indonesian cities and provinces and a major exposition in Jakarta this month."

The agreement establishes minimum percentages of AWB wheat to be used in Bogasari’s grist, thereby securing demand for Australian wheat, and includes AWB baking and milling training programs for South East Asian customers.

"We have forged a strong relationship with Bogasari over many years, and it has been strengthened by this new partnership in a manner that is good for the Australian wheat grower, and good for the Indonesian customer," Lindberg said.

Beginning this month, Indonesian shoppers will find in their supermarkets Bogasari flour packs branded with AWB’s logo.

AWB has produced a television commercial promoting flour made with Australian wheat. It will be shown on a highly rated cooking program sponsored by Bogasari Mills.

Lindberg said the agreement followed the inaugural AWB Wheat Forum 2002 in Indonesia in June, which brought together more than 80 flour milling representatives from South East Asia.