by Teresa Acklin
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In this international exhibition preview, World Grain provides a round-up of products and services for the flour and feed milling industries in conjunction with the Association of Operative Millers' 99th Annual Technical Conference and Trade Show, May 6-10 in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S., and the Victam '95 Trade Fair, May 16-19, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

      Agrichem Inc. technical services

    Agrichem Inc., Bohemia, New York, U.S., is currently in its 21st year of providing hands-on technical service together with flour additives and ingredients. “Export is our specialty,” states Philip Schamberger, Agrichem's founder and president. “Our business is based on helping client flour mills with new product development and flour treatment for the production of the best possible quality products within their market.” Visiting and working with flour mills throughout Latin America and the Caribbean as well as other areas of the world is our top priority. Since many of these markets served by Agrichem do not use potassium bromate, several excellent alternatives are offered.

   • Ascorbic E — ascorbic acid encapsulated for added stability and timed release during baking, improving volume and texture.

   • Agricom OS — this product matures the flour and strengthens the dough providing greater stability during processing. Finished bread has much better volume increase during baking, or ovenspring.

   • Rapido super concentrate — this complete dough conditioner concentrate can be added at the mill to produce a flour premix base for French bread, hamburger rolls and most types of bread. Premix formulation is one of our specialties.

      Agromatic AG measuring and handling equipment

    Well-known worldwide, Agromatic AG, Laupen, Switzerland, manufactures measuring and handling equipment for the grain storage and processing industries. Visitors to Victam '95 will get their first look at Agromatic's new air cushions for discharge of bins of up to 60 meters in height.

   Agromatic's product line also includes state-of-the-art temperature measuring systems, capacitive and ultrasonic level sensors, belt alignment monitors, grinding and hammer mills for flour and feed laboratories and dampening equipment.

   Among Agromatic's new products is a tower-spray system for the addition of liquids to granulated and powder products. The design of the spray nozzles even permits the addition of grease without danger of obstruction. Capacity can be adjusted to accommodate any installation size as well as different products.

   Also new is Agromatic's all metal separator, which can accurately identify and separate both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from bulk materials. The separator's variable capacity enables its use in many applications, in addition to bagging and loading.

   Agromatic's temperature systems offer continuous temperature supervision as well as measurement and are available for facilities of all sizes. The complete systems include capacitive sensors used as full, empty and back-up indicators, as well as rotary paddle switches and vibration rod level switches. For continuous level measuring, the ultrasonic level meter Nivosonar is recommended, and the Disto measuring device provides control of storage capacity.

      Buhler Ltd. cleaning equipment

    For the very important procedure of grain cleaning, until recently several machines were necessary. The newly developed Combi-Cleaner MTKB from Buhler Ltd., Uzwil, Switzerland, combines the following four functions in one unit:

   • separation by size — separator

   • classification by specific weight — concentrator

   • removal of stones — destoner

   • removal of low-density particles and dust — aspirator

   Only very well cleaned cereals guarantee flour of perfect quality. All four procedures are therefore equally important for a profitable plant operation. The use of four machines including all aspiration parts, however, requires a lot of space and energy.

   The obvious advantages of the Combi-Cleaner MTKB are the following: solid, space-saving design; one single housing for four working procedures, one drive unit, one machine frame; central exhaust connection; adjustable sieve inclination; possibility to combine with air recycling system; interior lighting.

   Experts from all over the world having had the opportunity to test this newly developed machine are particularly enthusiastic about the easy operation and maintenance. Most of the cleaning procedures are controllable on one floor. The sturdy sieves are easy to replace. There are no lubrication points. The simple, manageable construction ensures excellent hygienic conditions.

   The mill using this recently patented machine can only be a winner! The Combi-Cleaner will be exhibited at the A.O.M. trade show and further explained in the “What's new?” program.

      Electro-Sensors, Inc. speed switch

   Electro-Sensors, Inc., Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S., offers a speed switch that is designed for panel mounting in the control room, while the sensor is mounted at the actual shaft location. The Speed Switch Model REM-1000 provides the elevator or mill electrician with the capability of running low voltage sensor wire to the leg or conveyer. Conduit is recommended for the sensor wire.

   The higher line voltage interlock connections, which run through the speed switch relay, are all located at the main control room panel where the REM-1000 switch is mounted. There is less heavy gauge wire to pull, which saves time and installation costs. Electro-Sensors also offers a two relay REM-2000 model with a double set point. Both models include complete systems with switch, sensor and magnetic pulser disk that can be mounted on the machinery shaft.

      4B Elevator Components belt misalignment system

    Designed specifically for small bucket elevators used in the milling industry, the A400 elevator belt misalignment system from 4B Elevator Components, East Peoria, Illinois, U.S., indicates when the elevator belt misaligns. Outdated rub block technology is replace by fail-safe, non-contacting solid state electronics which detect the steel buckets and bolts. Not affected by dust or material build-up, the sensors send signals back to a plug-in control module that incorporates voltage-free relay contacts for alarm indication and/or shutdown of the problem elevator.

   Rub block systems are outdated and dangerous because they do not provide a fail-safe application. They are passive systems, waiting for something to happen. If there is a problem with the system, then the operator may never know until it is too late. The A400 is an active system, processing signals constantly. If there is a problem with the elevator and part of the A400 system, then the operator will know.

      Foss Electric food analysis instrumentation

   Foss Electric, Hillerod, Denmark, is a worldwide company with three manufacturing and research and development centers in Denmark, England and Germany, sales and service subsidiaries in 13 countries and representatives in more than 60.

   Foss Electric is an active force within the dairy, agricultural and food industries and is a world leader.

   Within the grain sector, Foss Electric has made real advances. First, with the SM range of whole grain moisture testers. We were one of the first companies to link instruments into a network system. More recently, the Foss Grainspec whole grain analyzer has really impressed the industry. Using the accepted near infrared transmission technique (N.I.T.), Grainspec has found favor with many of the world's leading grain merchandisers and processing companies.

   Foss Electric's commitment to customer service, research, development and product quality assures our customers of a satisfactory partnership with the company that is truly “first in food analysis.”

      Grain Systems tower dryers

    Grain Systems, Inc., Assumption, Illinois, U.S., introduces a line of tower dryers for commercial grain operations.

   The dryers offer several features, including 30-centimeter grain columns equipped with grain turners to assure uniformly dried grain. A simplified grain discharge system eliminates sweep augers and provides for quick dryer cleanout. Recycled heat reduces fuel costs, and in line centrifugal blowers are internally mounted for a quiet operation.

   G.S.I. tower dryers also feature the new Electronic Monitoring Control System, for which a patent is pending. The system self-diagnoses dryer problems and displays the information on a large backlit liquid crystal display.

   The Electronic Monitoring Control System is featured in new Airstream dryers introduced by G.S.I.'s Airstream grain conditioning division. The redesigned line of continuous flow/automatic batch grain dryers comes in more than 60 models.

   The Electronic Monitoring Control System maintains a history of past dryer operation and a service record. The system calculates total dryer time, tonnes per hour and total tonnes dried, and has an adjustable unload and load time delay.

      Happle milling machinery, plants

   Business activities all over the world distinguish Happle GmbH, Weissenhorn/Bayern, Germany, as a leading German manufacturer of machinery and turnkey plants in the whole cereal food industry.

   From high efficiency pre-cleaning and milling equipment to complete silo and milling plants for wheat, maize and rye and animal feed plant and installations in the malt and brewers industry, Happle engineers design machines and plans based on the long tradition of the company and with the spirit of a continuous research and innovation. Happle established its own division for electrics and electronics. With the patented program processor and inhouse developed software packages for supervision and control of milling plants, feed mills and brewing plants, Happle supplies mechanical and electrical equipment turnkey packages. Happle, a guarantee for quality, know-how and reliability.

      InterSystems bucket elevators, equipment

   Bucket elevators from InterSystems, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., feature pillow block bearings, quick release hinged doors, safety labeling and detailed computer calculations. The self cleaning and gravity boot designs have a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters per hour. InterSystem's bucket elevators are galvanized and made of stainless steel.

   Choose from five automatic truck probes with compartmentalized or core tips. Automatic truck probes are free standing and hydraulically operated with extendible boom, long range delivery units, and joystick controls.

   InterSystems has 20 models of automatic samplers. Operation can be air, electric or hydraulic with compact, dust-tight design. Also spout, belt or pneumatic line designs are offered.

   The bulkweighing system uses active graphics to display flow rate with programmable soft keys and weight certificate printouts.

   The design for both the automatic truck probes and automatic samplers are U.S.D.A. approved. The bulkweighing system is N.T.E.P. approved.

      International Grain Consultation grain quality assurance

    The International Grain Consultation, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, offers training on grain cleaning and drying, infestation detection and control, sampling techniques, selection of equipment used to measure quality and Canadian grading techniques.

   I.G.C. designs and implements end-use quality standards, post-harvest quality management, representative sampling, lab testing and analysis, infestation control, quantity control and scale inspection, information and documentation services, grain quality certification and integrated electronic data capture management.

   Third party arbitration services include impartial grading and quality assessment, quality surveying to facilitate marketing and certifications of quality and grades.

      MFS/York/Stormer grain storage, handling, drying equipment

    The International division of MFS/York/Stormor, Grand Island, Nebraska, U.S., has expanded the company's sales from the midwestern United States to the former Soviet Union, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East.

   MFS covers a range of galvzanized corrugated round storage silos with storage capacities from 180 tonnes on smaller silos, up to 6,742 tonnes on 22.86-meter super bins. All silos are designed for commercial use and are constructed to handle the demand for high loading and unloading rates with either internal or external vertical stiffners.

   Hopper bottom silos are designed with capacities from 10 tonnes up to 823 tonnes, all fitted with 45-degree suspended hoppers. Rack and pinion outlets are standard.

   All MFS silos include side doors, aeration kits, temperature monitoring systems, drying floors, heaters and fans. Agricultural storage and drying silos are marketed under the Stormor name and include industrial features. These silos are suited to drying systems which include drying floors, heaters and fans. The Ezee-Dry system can be fitted in a number of silos and can dry any type of grain including rice.

   York's Super Capacity elevators have a throughput of up to 750 tonnes per hour with a standard galvanized finish and inclined conveyors.

   MFS/York/Stormor also offers associated equipment including grain cleaners, elevator support towers, silo catwalks, temperature monitoring, silo aeration, sweep augers and silo discharge systems.

      Port of Houston Authority port silo, services

    The Houston Public Elevator, Houston, Texas, U.S., is equipped and staffed to help shippers meet today's grain delivery standards. A fully automated facility is staffed by experienced personnel, who combine technology and skill to ensure shipper satisfaction. The Port of Houston offers excellent rail and highway connections and a centralized location that provides easy access to major grain production centers.

   The Houston Public Elevator is operated for the benefit of the agribusiness community. The Port Authority does not buy or sell grain. Associated costs are related only to operations. Stevedoring rates are reasonable, and rail carriers absorb some switching costs, resulting in overall throughput costs that are among the lowest in the United States.

   For information, contact the Trade Development Department, Port of Houston Authority.

      Prado silos

    The manufacturing program of Prado, Munguia, Spain, includes GB silos with flat bottoms and more than 10,000 tonnes capacity, SOM silos and BOM metal hopper silos. A complete range of standard equipment, including internal conveyors with output of up to 300 tph, also is provided. Other higher capacity equipment is supplied on request.

   Highlights of Prado's production program and services include:    engineering services related to calculation and design of full plants according to customer's requirements.

   • manufacture and supply of all silo and plant elements.

   • erection or erection supervision in every country.

   • implementation.

   Prado is conscious of quality, so that very distinctive products are obtained, either from considered calculations standards or from manufacturing systems.

   Because the installations are outdoors, Prado attaches great importance to materials' surface coatings, including high galvanizing of sheets as well as painting systems. Prado has specialized facilities for this purpose.

   Prado, with more than 25 years of experience, can meet any project around the world and so, installations accomplished by Prado can be found in many different countries on several continents.

   Prado installations are located in Germany, Sweden, France and Spain in Europe; in Nigeria and Angola in Africa; in Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador in South America; and in Thailand in Asia.

   Prado, a leading company in the manufacture of silos and grain-handling equipment, has very advanced production facilities with high capacity. Prado's main offices and factory are located in Munguia, next to Bilbao Port, with branch offices in Spain, France, Germany, Mexico and Bolivia. Prado controls a wide network of dealers and agents around the world.

      Prive steel bins

    Round steel bins for grain storage from Prive S.A., Chalons Sur Marne, France, offer the following features:

   • corrugated galvanized sheets of high tensile steel (corrugation 104 x 12 mm).

   • stiffeners located outside the wall for self cleaning bins.

   • design approved by official control offices.

   • all parts galvanized 450 g/m2 of zinc for long term resistance.

   • roof 28-degree slope, with many high ribs for tough resistance.

   • other equipment available: gantries, access doors, aeration ducts.

   • silos with either flat or hopper bottom to fit all your requirements.

   In 1995 Prive offers:

   • an adaptation to different cylinder designs, for instance DIN.

   • bin diameter up to 32 meters for a unit capacity of 12,000 tonnes.

      Prokop milling machines

    The firm Prokop, Pardubice, Czech Republic, was established in 1870. Since the establishment, it has not changed its production program and has become a supplier of machinery equipment for processing of wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, buckwheat, millet, leguminous seeds, soya and other dry and loose material.

   The company has become well known both at home and abroad for the high reliability and long service life of its products.

   The Prokop company and all its personnel are ready to pay the best attention and exert all their skill to solve all your requests successfully. Do not hesitate to write, call or come to see us in our head offices in Pardubice, Czech Republic.

      Research Products Co. fumigants

   During 1992, Research Products Co., Salina, Kansas, U.S., re-introduced the Weevil-Cide name. The trademark represents what we believe to be the most dependable aluminum phosphide fumigant preparation available to grain handlers and food processors alike. We have always specialized in supplying goods and technical services tailored to the needs of cereal grain millers, grain handlers, exporters, food processors and other industries involved with the protection of raw agricultural commodities from insect attack and destruction. At Research Products Co. we understand the value of your resources. That's why Weevil-Cide is back, to help you supply your customers with high quality, nutritious, filth-free food.

   Weevil-Cide, no other name can stand up to the test of true quality and absolute dependability.

      Satake NIR instruments

    Four new major developments from Satake, Houston, Texas, U.S., will be displayed on the Satake U.S.A. booth.

   The Rollermill SRMA uses an innovative design that has resulted in a machine with low operating cost, low noise and vibration and a dramatically short roll change time, which means less downtime.

   The Purifier SPUA is a triple deck machine, which has a high capacity and is easy to maintain with the highest possible sanitation.

   The Debranning Machine VCW is a two-step machine which provides an efficient and controllable method of removing the outer bran layers from cereal grains. It is an integral part of the PeriTec debranning process.

   The Pericom Compact Mill uses the PeriTec debranning process along with full scale equipment such as the SRMA and SPUA. Pericom's range of mills offers flexibility while matching a conventional mill in quality of product. Pericom compact mills can be used as a supplement to an existing mill or as a stand alone unit.

      Turner Chilled rolls

    Turner Chilled Rolls has achieved another milestone in rollmaking history. The only true food industry rollmaker in England, T.C.R. Ltd., Suffolk, U.K., has now been awarded the British Standards Institute accreditation for both iron casting and roll building facilities.

   You, the client can be totally confident that Turner Chilled Iron and our new NiChrome wear resistant rolls are produced within the tightly controlled procedures of Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9002.

   T.C.R. Quality Control programs achieve:

   • consistent chemical analysis and chill hardness values

   • 100% dimensional accuracy

   • statistical evaluation

   • unique certificate of roll conformity.

   Engineers in today's pressurized market should not be guided by price alone. At T.C.R. Ltd., we regard “Quality as being Priceless,” a commodity only the foolhardy would dare to compromise for the sake of saving a few bucks.

   Confidence is born of reliability. Reliability is created by quality. “Quality is Turner.”

      Vicam mycotoxin testing products

   A fluorescence test product for deoxy-nivalenone (DON), or vomitoxin, from Vicam, Watertown, Massachusetts, U.S., will be available beginning April 30, 1995. The test for DON uses antibody affinity columns to isolate DON, which is then quantified as ppm by a fluorometer. The antibody affinity columns can then be used as clean up columns for HPLC or for direct readout from a fluorometer. All mycotoxin tests are run the same way, making training and the utilization of the tests more efficient.

   DON is often present with other mycotoxins. It has been isolated from grains and feeds at levels as high as 92 mg/kg. DON has been connected to moldy corn toxicosis of swine and may cause human disease such as alimentary toxic aleukia. Symptoms can be impaired immune function, hemorrhage and digestive disorders. Because of DON's effect on the livestock industry, many customers require levels of less than 2 ppm for animal feed and 1 ppm for commodities destined for human consumption.

   Vicam offers rapid testing products that can be run in any laboratory, or for confidentiality, inhouse tests are available.

   Vicam's products include AflaTest, DonTest, FumoniTest, OchraTest and ZearalaTest for the detection of fungal toxins. Vicam also provides tests for the detection of Listeria, Listeria mono-cytogenes, Salmonella and Salmonella enteritidis.

    Vicam has been marketing rapid test kits for the detection of pathogens and agricultural toxins in food products and feed since 1985. Products are distributed in 65 countries worldwide.

      Vigan ship loaders, unloaders

   Vigan Engineering S.A., Nivelles, Belgium, specializes in the construction of a wide range of ship unloaders for grain mills located around the world. Vigan Engineering has concentrated all its capabilities, experience, and know-how in the fabrication of reliable and well adapted ship unloaders.

   The range goes from the light mobile 60 tph to the NIV 600 tph and higher capacities.

   The trend in ship unloaders has been an increase in capacity per hour corresponding to the miller's desire to have a high-efficiency unloading operation and to decrease the ship's tied-up time. To decrease the ship's tied-up time, it is not the rated capacity that must be taken into consideration, but the real efficiency from the top of the hold to the end of the cleaning operation. The Vigan NIV unloaders work at full capacity and do not stop for cleaning, and even the grain in the remotest corners of the hold is easily reached. The efficiency factor of Vigan's new line of pneumatic ship unloaders is higher than any mechanical or pneumatic system.

   As the ships are also of higher tonnage, Vigan is building larger pneumatic ship unloaders to replace mechanical ship unloaders.

      Westeel wide-corr hopper tanks

   Westeel, with offices in Fargo, North Dakota, U.S., and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, offers wide-corr hopper tanks. These rugged tanks lead the industry in design and function and are well known for their quality construction, ease of cleaning and overall convenience. They feature full T-Beam construction at the base with scientifically engineered cross bracing and Z bar external stiffeners for maximum support. Designed from the ground up for faster overall assembly and lower construction costs, all base components are provided factory punched, and the bin side walls are constructed of easy to install Wide-Corr 10-centimeter corrugated sheets. A 61-cm round access door comes standard and provides both easy access and a reliable seal against the elements. Hopper bins are available in sizes up to 10.9 meters in diameter and capacities of more than 1,362 tonnes. From top to bottom, these bins are your best choice for lasting and dependable storage protection against weather and moisture.

      H.R. Williams cloth stretching machine

    H.R. Williams Mill Supply, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., welcomes you to the 1995 A.O.M. trade show. We invite visitors to the H.R. Williams booth, located at floor sections 210, 212 and 214, where the new pneumatic cloth stretching machine is on display.

   The new machine is designed to provide customers with the ability to re-cloth sieve frames more quickly and easily than ever before. Also, see our new filter bags and sifter sleeve catalog, as well as other product examples.

   H.R. Williams has a long history of serving customers in the milling and baking industries with a full line of mill supplies and services. H.R. Williams is renowned worldwide for its commitment to quality, service and workmanship. For more than eight decades, H.R. Williams has grown with the needs of the milling industry. Through constant product development and technical innovation, H.R. Williams has built an organization of capable, skilled personnel whose product knowledge assures customers of quality products and services.

      Wirth Ltd. milling equipment

   Wirth Mill Construction and Engineering, Uetendorf, Switzerland, places emphasis on individuality and creativity.

   Apart from supplying machinery and plants, Wirth realizes complete mill construction projects, from planning to commissioning. This allows an excellent coordination and supervision, optimizing the cost/efficiency ratio of the project.

   Wirth Ltd. offers a brand new stone mill and a rebolt sifter. The stone mill can be applied for whole-meal milling, passage milling, special milling, bio-products and de-husking of spelt. With an upright pair of mill stones with direct drive. The stone mill is suitable for the milling of a wide variety of products. The most important advantages are high grinding efficiency with minimal warming of the product, minimum wear, low power consumption and quiet running.

   The new Wirth plansifter generation has up to 16 fractions per compartment and up to four passages. Wirth plants are successfully in use on five continents, in 40 countries.