by Teresa Acklin
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In conjunction with the Association of Operative Millers' 98th Annual Technical Conference and Trade Show June 4-8 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, World Grain highlights some of the latest products, services and developments of interest to millers and grain handlers.

      T.W. Barfoot mill equipment

   T.W. Barfoot Ltd., Hallsham, East Sussex, U.K., supplies equipment for complete wheat, maize and durum mills. The company's extensive range of machinery covers all intake, cleaning, milling and finished product sections of a mill.

   A recent addition to Barfoot's range is the Automatic Moisture Control System, which can be linked to Barfoot's Intensive Dampener or retrofitted through connection to existing damping worms.

   Barfoot also supplies centrifugally cast chilled iron rolls to suit the specifications of all major equipment manufacturers for milling, flaking and crushing.

   Project involvement at the director level, from both the technical and commercial aspects, assures clients of efficient and decisive attention at all times.

   Complete and partial projects recently have been undertaken in southern Africa, southeast Asia and Europe, underlining the international spread of Barfoot's business, where the proportion of overseas sales is about 90%. Barfoot's main operations are centered at two U.K. locations. Subsidiary companies in southern Africa and the Philippines provide back-up marketing and servicing.

      Buhler Ltd. cleaning equipment

    “The key to perfect grain cleaning” is a new campaign that has just been launched by Buhler Ltd., Uzwil, Switzerland, the milling engineering company of worldwide reputation.

   The newest developments in technology have resulted in a selection of machines that offers millers and bakers the efficiency they need to fulfill their duty: supply of uncontaminated, first-rate end products.

   One of the most important tools of every screenroom is the destoner. At the A.O.M. trade show, we will display type MTSC, the third generation of our destoners. Like all the other grain-cleaning machines, the destoner can be combined with an air-recirculating system.

   About 10 years ago, Buhler introduced a new air-recycling aspirator with the ability to re-use 90% of its air. The third generation of this machine, type MVSQ, also will be exhibited at the trade show.

   Buhler's commitment to flour milling means producing machines developed to cover your needs.

      Carter Day equipment and application services

   Carter Day International, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., offers equipment and application expertise for the grain and processing industries.

   Carter Day's Dockage Tester, sold worldwide for over 90 years, is the official grain inspection machine of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Canadian Grain Standards Commission.

   We have decades of worldwide experience in process flow design. Working with your capacity and efficiency requirements, we project a mass flow that demonstrates the equipment mix and balance necessary to achieve the results you seek. Complete laboratory service also is at your disposal.

   Carter Day equipment design philosophy focuses on adaptability and trouble-free operation, and parts availability is accommodated by our major investment in tooling and inventories. Distributed and specialty equipment allows us to quote with confidence your entire equipment needs.

   Authorized Carter Day sales representatives are vital to our product distribution. Carter Day ensures their high performance standards in equipment selection, field commissioning and parts. Together we stand behind what we sell ... serving 50 countries.

      Codema milling, processing and conveying systems

   Codema, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. is pleased once again to be exhibiting at the A.O.M. convention in Calgary. The company soon will be entering its 25th year of business, serving customers throughout the world with its unique combination of design, manufacturing and sales of milling, processing and conveying systems.

   On display at booths 90 and 107 are selected machinery and parts that are demanded by the milling industry. Additional items pertaining to the processing and conveying industry in general also are displayed. Representatives are on hand to discuss your requirements and offer insights on possible equipment and design solutions.

   This is Codema's 14th year at the A.O.M. convention. We hope you can join us.

      Comptrol process control systems

   Many modern mills have a programmable logic controller, which controls devices used to start or stop equipment or signal alarms. In addition, many mills have a different system, the Scale and Yield Management System, offered by Comptrol Computer Control, Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

   Both the P.L.C. and the scale and yield system have proven to be invaluable assets, but integration between the two has been difficult and limited — until now. Comptrol's new Allen-Bradley P.L.C. Interface allows our scales and yield system to integrate directly with a P.L.C. via the “Blue Hose,” to appear as a “virtual” or “simulated” I/O rack on the network.

   Data and commands can be exchanged between the P.L.C. and Comptrol's E/SM or M.U.M.S. System through the P.L.C.'s supervisory computer. Essentially, to the operator, there now exists only one, integrated system to let the miller control and know “what is going on.”

      CTI Celtek automatic flow control

   CTI Celtek Electronics Inc., St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada, is pleased to introduce a revolutionary product to measure and control the flow of dry bulk materials into and out of bins and silos.

   The automation system monitor regulates and controls flow output. This patented, “two-in-one” innovation results in improved accuracy and considerable time savings for the feed and grain industry. The Controlled Flowtracker can be set to deliver not only a predetermined amount of powder or fine granular material from a silo, it also can prevent surges into process equipment.

   Typical applications include:

   • regulation and measurement of flow out of silos;

   • controlling materials onto conveyors or into blending equipment;

   • preventing surges into process equipment; and

   • dividing the flow into various streams.

      Entoleter hulling and blending machine

   For more than 50 years, the name Entoleter, Hamden, Connecticut, U.S., has been synonymous with infestation destruction in flour and cleaning of whole wheat. Yet, very few people in the milling industry have considered other uses for this machine.

   Our oat hullers cause less breakage than others in the industry, with excellent removal of hulls through close control of speed and air. Special grinds of flour, such as cake flour, are readily accomplished with the Entoleter CentriMil.

   Blending of various ingredients into a homogeneous mixture is a snap for the Entoleter CentriMix, and, when used as a final step before packaging, it also ensures destruction of any infestation that may have found its way into the process.

   Corn flour and grits suffer minimal damage in the Entoleter, and we have a design that can be used for degerming dry corn. All in all, Entoleter does more than kill bugs.

      Great Western sifters

   Great Western Manufacturing Co., Inc., Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S., manufactures sifters for the cereal milling industry. Its line includes both free-swinging and single-section sifters.

   The model HS free-swinging sifter has from two to eight sections in three sieve sizes. The net sieve area ranges from 0.242 to 0.474 square meters per sieve. The Tru-Balance sifter is available in an enclosed box-type unit or a boxless version with nest-together sieves and lift-out screen frames. The net area of this unit is up to 0.836 square meters per sieve.

   The Stainless Steel Tru-Balance sifter and the In-Line Tru-Balance sifter will be on display at the Association of Operative Millers' 1994 Conference and Trade Show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Stainless Steel sifter can be used for scalping, grading or fines removal in a gravity flow stream, while the In-Line sifter is inserted directly in a pressure conveying line for removal of oversize impurities.

      Ibberson modular feed mills

   A Siberian agri-industrial consortium has contracted for two modular feed mills engineered and fabricated by Ibberson International, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Assembly of twelve modules began near Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, in early May, with start-up scheduled in July, only three months after arrival on site.

   The Ibberson modular system is a special type of mill that has advantages for construction projects in more remote areas. Facility sections are fabricated at a Minnesota shop, built into container-size modules and shipped to the construction site. Once on the scene, they are easily assembled using minimal manpower and shorter time frames than traditional construction techniques.

   The two mills are the first modular facilities to be shipped to Siberia. Both will produce up to 5 tonnes per hour; one has pelleting capabilities, and the second will produce mash only. The first mill also is equipped with a state-of-the-art computerized batching controller to allow faster, more accurate ingredient weighing, reduced manpower, automated inventory and audit tracking of all batches.

      Intersystems conveyors

   There's a new idea in conveying, the new self-cleaning Kleen-Masse conveyor, featured by Intersystems, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., at the A.O.M. trade show.

   This new design has been awarded a U.S. patent and has been honored with the “What's New” award at the Grain Elevator and Processing Society's conference. The Kleen-Masse conveyor captures all the advantages of both flat- and round-bottom conveyors in one innovative package.

   The Kleen-Masse conveyor is a compelling replacement for the standard round bottom conveyor and, in many cases, for the screw conveyor. It retains self-cleaning capability, but offers three advantages. It can convey 45% to 100% more material in the same amount of space; liners can be used and easily replaced for high use or abrasive applications; and it can be inclined up to 60 degrees and can use bend sections.

   The conveyor can handle light, fluffy and/or difficult materials. Systems are available from 30 to 150 cubic meters per hour and are totally enclosed for a cleaner plant environment.

      Jaymark roller mills and equipment

   The Jaymark Series 3M:KMI 70 grease lubricated Roller Bearing Conversion Kit, offered by Jaymark, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has successfully replaced oil lubricated, fixed-type sleeve bearings in GN and HN Model roller mills.

   Since 1978, Jaymark conversion kits have reduced energy consumption by up to 25%, increased load capacity by a factor of four and allowed increased r.p.m.

   Since 1981, Jaymark has supplied non-metallic gear differentials for roller mills. In response to requirements for higher loads and speeds, Jaymark has included “+ corrected” helical pinions to maintain full load and wear capacity of the polyamid non-metallic gears.

   Jaymark solid cast “Big Chill” rolls are now complemented by economically priced roll chills from Eastern Europe.

   Co-sponsor of the A.O.M. Pancake Breakfast, Jaymark invites all to join in the breakfast and Western-style hospitality and entertainment.

      Neuero ship unloading systems

   Neuero is installing and commissioning a number of pneumatic ship unloading systems worldwide.

   At the Bogasari Flour Mill in Jakarta, Indonesia, Neuero is installing a dual-line tower system with a capacity of 600 tph, scheduled for commissioning in September. Neuero also is installing a 190-tph Multiport pneumatic unloader at the Berdikari Flour Mill in Unjung Pandang, Indonesia.

   In the Philippines, Neuero is installing a new 300-tph pneumatic unloading system at the Pilmico Flour Mill in Cebu. The system is specially designed to operate with an existing system and to work effectively in an environmentally sensitive area close to surrounding buildings.

   Elsewhere, Neuero is completing the installation of a loading and unloading system for National Flour Mill in Trinidad and is providing unloading systems for two port modernization projects in Iran. Neuero also is participating in Mozambique's port modernization program through its installation in Matola of a rail-mounted 250-tph Multiport pneumatic unloader.

      Perten single kernel characterization system

   Perten Instruments North America, Inc., Reno, Nevada, U.S., has developed the Model SKCS 4100 single kernel characterization system. The SKCS 4100 identifies individual lots of wheat as hard, semi-hard, soft and semi-soft and provides a rapid, objective measurement of class and uniformity.

   The system was commercialized through an agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Grain Market Research Center, Agricultural Research Service. The Perten SKCS 4100 was conceived to develop an objective wheat classification system, as traditional visual inspection is becoming increasingly inaccurate.

   The SKCS 4100 rapidly and automatically determines several important wheat characteristics: hardness, kernel size, kernel weight and moisture content. The method measures these parameters on each single kernel, providing a composite value of the entire sample and/or a profile of each of the individual kernels.

   Research demonstrates the system will estimate mill flour yield, detect blended wheat, assure proper blending of wheats prior to milling, detect mellow wheat and predict temper times.

      Satake (U.S.A.) NIR instruments

   Near-infrared reflectance has become the accepted technique to accurately and rapidly analyze flour constituents, such as protein, moisture, color, ash content, water absorption and starch damage.

   With its Nirotec, Satake (U.S.A.), Inc., Houston, Texas, U.S., introduces a new generation of on-line NIR instrumentation. For the first time, a single unit can sample from multiple streams, control gluten addition to more than one stream and hold calibration data for 100 different flour types.

   Nirotec features include: continuous analysis using latest NIR technology; automatic sampling from up to four flour streams; automatic and consistent product presentation for analysis; automatic selection of best calibrations for up to 100 products, each with six parameters; and a feedback control output loop for gluten control for two simultaneous products. Other features include powerful computer control with color monitor, visual monitoring of quality status for all flours and constituents, alarm for out-of-specification and out-of-control-range conditions; and full bi-directional communication with P.L.C. and P.C.

      Tapco elevator buckets

   Visit the booth of Tapco Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., to learn about the widest line of elevator buckets produced in North America. Craig Appel and Ted Beaty will be showing the complete line of Tapco buckets.

   Tapco buckets are unexcelled for handling wheat or finished flour. Forty-one sizes are now available, including our new 20 x 8 super capacity bucket. All sizes are manufactured in high-density polyethylene, urethane, nylon and fabricated steel. The Tapco buckets can be vented for air release or made into the low-profile design for high-output legs.

   You will also be able to see a wide range of elevator bolts in three styles and three materials. Rounding out the exhibit are the drag flights, hanger bearings and abrasion-resistant sheeting that are widely used in the industry.

      Tramco belt conveyors

   Tramco, Inc., the Wichita, Kansas, U.S.-based manufacturer of a complete line of chain and enclosed belt conveyors, will introduce its Bulk-Flo model at the A.O.M. trade show in booths 44 and 45.

   The Bulk-Flo unit, specifically designed to handle a wide variety of applications, features varying low path configurations; a full flight and divider plate design; standard welded engineered class steel chain; totally bolted construction for easy access, maintenance and operation; factory-installed chain; jig-fitted and robot welded for consistent fit and smooth operation; and built for 24-hour continuous duty.

   Tramco introduced the Bulk-Flo at the recent Milltex-Asia '94 show in Singapore, where Dale Rodman, Tramco president, attended. According to Rodman, “The Tramco Bulk-Flo unit was well received. It generated a great deal of interest in Singapore, and we see no reason it shouldn't generate interest and be useful in applications, not only in North America, but worldwide.”

      Turner Chilled Rolls

   Turner Chilled Rolls Ltd., Suffolk, U.K., has manufactured roll chills in England for almost three decades. The bulk of its product, more than 65%, is exported to North America for use in flour, feed and cereal production.

   Considered by many to be the premier roll in terms of value for money, Turner rolls are precision made to fit most mills throughout the world. Sizes range from 15 to 60 centimeters in diameter, with oversizes also available.

   In 1994, ISO 9000, the international quality standard, will be implemented at the Turner Works in England, yet again enhancing Turner's reputation for reliability and consistency.

   Turner Chilled Rolls Ltd. wishes all its A.O.M. friends and clients alike a very prosperous 1994.

      H.R. Williams cloth stretching machine

   H.R. Williams Mill Supply, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., welcomes you to the 1994 A.O.M. trade show. We invite visitors to the H.R. Williams booth, located at floor sections 97, 101 and 102, where the new pneumatic cloth stretching machine is on display.

   The new machine is designed to provide customers with the ability to re-cloth sieve frames more quickly and easily than ever before. Also, see our new filter bags and sifter sleeve catalog, as well as other product examples.

   H.R. Williams has a long history of serving customers in the milling and baking industries with a full line of mill supplies and services. H.R. Williams is renowned worldwide for its commitment to quality, service and workmanship. For more than eight decades, H.R. Williams has grown with the needs of the milling industry. Through constant product development and technical innovation, H.R. Williams has built an organization of capable, skilled personnel whose product knowledge assures customers of quality products and services.

      Vigan ship unloaders

   The flour milling industry is paying more and more attention to water transportation because of its cost-effectiveness.

   Vigan Engineering S.A., Nivelles, Belgium, the shiploader and unloader specialist, has increased tremendously its deliveries of new unloading equipment to the flour milling industry. Vigan engineering specialists work closely with milling personnel to create the ship unloader best-adapted to the mill's specific conditions and needs.

   For example, Vigan worked with Dalgety Agriculture's flour milling personnel in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to provide a flexible, 200 tph ship unloader. The unloader's capacity will be increased as conveyor and elevator capacity increases in the future.

   Les Moulins de La Concorde, the Mauritius mill that hosted the A.O.M. District 16 meeting last year, already operates two Vigan unloaders and has retained Vigan to design unloading facilities for a new deepwater quay adjacent to the mill.

   These mills and others in Africa, Asia, the Philippines and England chose Vigan for its equipment reliability and quality, up-to-date technology, competitive prices and excellent references and reputation.

      Wirth milling equipment

   Wirth Ltd., Uetendorf, Switzerland, produces all the machinery necessary to equip a complete flour mill. At booths 103, 104 and 105 at the A.O.M. trade show, Wirth presents several machines displaying interesting innovations. The Plansifter features octagonal sieve with outer frame consisting of four corner components, each subdivided into four channels, allowing up to 16 fractions per section; easy change of flow diagram by simply unscrewing and changing a few corner components; special overflow system enables parallel distribution to eight sifter sieves simultaneously, thus considerably increasing the sifting capacity; frames of light weight and washable synthetic material; sifter also applicable in food processing industries for products such as potato starch, cornstarch. The Roller mill features a high degree of automation; and tooth belted transmission for silent operation; force transmission of grinding rolls separated from frame. The Stone mill was designed to produce whole-wheat and dark flour (coarse and fine grinding).