A.O.M. conference in Mauritius promotes excellence

by Teresa Acklin
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   More than 80 delegates attended the fifth annual Conference and Trade Show of the Association of Operative Millers, Middle East and East Africa District, held in late October 1993 on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

   The theme for the conference, held at the Maritim Hotel, was “Excellence.” The event featured 14 exhibitors and 17 speakers from 27 countries.

   The proceedings opened with an address by R. Yat Sin, permanent secretary for the Ministry of Industry, who discussed Mauritius' economic development strategy.

   The traditional A.O.M. “What's New” program included presentations on “Milling Separators and Closed Circuit Aspirators,” by Amer Ziyada, Satake (U.K.) Ltd.; “New Developments in Packaging,” by Alwyn Watkins, Chronos Richardson; “Weighing and Proportioning,” by Alios Gamma, Buhler Ltd.; “Specialized Flour Spout and Industrial Cleaning Equipment,” by Michael Watson, Tube Tech; “Kice Shortflow Unit (K.S.U.) Flour Mill,” by Bob Kice, Kice Industries, Inc.; and “Microwave Ashing Unit, ” by Franco Visinoni, Milestone S.T.I.

   Technical papers presented included “Software Applications in Mill Management,” by Henry Stevens, U.S. Wheat Associates; “New Development in the Mill Flow Chart” and “Grinding Process Using Eight Roller Mills MDDL,” by Albert Soder, Buhler Ltd.; “Sieve Stretching Business,” by John Bohi, SST Thal; “Flour Blending,” by Amer Ziyada, Satake; and “New Vigan Grain Ship Loaders and Unloaders Technology,” by L. Ch. Beauduin, Vigan Ltd.

   Other technical papers included “E.E.C. Agricultural Reforms and GATT,” by Daniel Marx, Groupe Soufflet; “Total Quality Management” and “How to Use Measurements, Facts and Data to Improve Business Processes,” by Sausan Fahmy, Advance Performance Systems; “Description of the Australian Pilot Mill,” by John Bunn, Australian Wheat Board; “Education Program for Mill Workers and Millwrights,” by Ernst Auer, a consultant; and “Training Through A.O.M.,” by Bruce Hoshor, General Mills, Inc., on behalf of U.S. Wheat Associates.

   The 14 trade show exhibitors were: Buhler Ltd.; Colorado Global Resources; V. Filip & Sohn; Golfetto S.p.A.-Braibanti Group; Greenway Electric, Inc.; Hypack; Kice Industries, Inc.; Milestone S.T.I.; Neuero Corp.; Prokop Milling Machines; Satake; SST Swiss Silk Bolting Cloth Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Thal; Tube Tech; and U.S. Wheat Associates.

   At the business session, Bachar S. Boubess, Modern Mills of Lebanon, Beirut, was selected new chairman of the Middle East and East Africa District. He succeeds 1993 chairman Andre Bega, Les Moulins de La Concorde Ltee., Port Louis, Mauritius.

   Mr. Boubess' responsibilities will include organizing and coordinating the sixth annual district conference, scheduled for October 1994 in Beirut. Information about the conference can be obtained by contacting Mr. Boubess at Modern Mills of Lebanon, P.O. Box 11-1582, Beirut, Lebanon (Tel: 442567 - 443573; Telex: 20630 - 23045).

   The A.O.M. is an international organization that represents technical millers and promotes milling development at the operations level. Its membership includes millers in Canada, Latin America, East and North Africa, the Middle East and the U.S. Millers interested in the organization should contact Harvey McCray, executive vice-president, A.O.M., 5001 College Blvd., Suite 104, Leawood, Kansas 66211, U.S.