A.O.M. Preview

by Teresa Acklin
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   The Association of Operative's Millers 102nd Annual Trade Show will be open May 3-May 5 in conjunction with the group's annual conference, held this year in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

   Each year, the A.O.M. trade show attracts hundreds of flour millers eager to see the latest developments in equipment and services. This year's show will feature 106 exhibitors serving the milling industry. Following, in alphabetical order, are various milling product and service suppliers, some of whom will be exhibitors at the A.O.M. trade show.

Agrex milling plants

   Agrex S.p.A., Padova, Italy is a pioneer in the manufacture of horizontal milling plants with a compact design. The short flow mill consists of a cleaning house with a separator, aspiration channel, dry stoner, brush machine and conditioning bins with pneumatic conveying systems.

   The milling plant has rationalized the processing of different grains with optimum moisture such as wheat, maize and rice. Pulses such as black gram, chana dall and bajra, as well as mixed grain grinding are processed to the required fineness.

   The operation is carried out pneumatically with four- and eight-rollermills, purifiers and sifters, keeping the fresh aroma and color of the product intact. Each unit has a prefabricated passage with electrical motors and starters and is tested before dispatch. It takes our experts from Italy only seven days to assemble and erect each unit.

   Strong points of the short flow mill are: electrical consumption is only 35 to 40 units per tonne; simple operation by one or two operators per shift; and process requires only 1,050 centimeters in length x 450 cm in depth x 480 cm in height to lay the plant in a simple shed.

   Different models are available from 8 to 100 tonnes per 24 hour capacity. Agrex representatives will be on hand at A.O.M. booth 339 to provide more information.

Braibanti Golfetto cereal processing

   By forming a single company, Braibanti Golfetto, Padova, Italy, has optimized and consolidated the experience and potential of all the Group companies. The merger of these cereal-based processing companies gives Braibanti Golfetto a leading edge in the evolving markets that now require more synergy and rationalization.

   Braibanti Golfetto has decided further to expedite the integration of three main activities of the Group (pasta, cereal milling and bakery). This follows naturally from the trend of most large food producing companies that are diversifying their products and at the same time restructuring their management systems to reduce overheads and tighten their quality controls.

   Golfetto S.p.A. has been absorbed into the Braibanti Golfetto company with its headquarters based at the existing Golfetto premises in Padova. The present trademarks, Braibanti (pasta), Golfetto (cereal milling) and Simer (bakery) will remain.

   This policy will result in a consistent reduction of corporate overheads, enabling the savings to be directed into technical research, manufacturing improvements, better customer service and an increase in overall competitiveness.

   A current example of this is that all pasta dryers are now manufactured in the facilities of Braibanti Golfetto S.p.A. The innovations in dryer technology and mechanical design have resulted from the close cooperation of the technical department of designers, the R&D center in Roverto and the field engineers. The prime aim of the above restructuring is to provide our customers with the highest standards of service and the benefits of continual innovation. Visit representatives of Braibanti Golfetto in A.O.M. booths 411 and 511.

Buhler grain processing technology

   Buhler Inc., Uzwil Switzerland, maintains an international network of offices and affiliated companies in practically every country of the world, employing a total of 6,500 people worldwide.

   For more than 65 years, Buhler has been represented in the U.S. With a U.S. office in Minneapolis, Minnesota (employing approximately 250 to 300 people), a Canadian office in Toronto, Ontario, and a Mexican office in Toluca, Mexico, Buhler North America is on the move, designing and constructing plant and equipment for many different segments of the food and non-food industry.

   The Buhler group's milling division with its worldwide presence provides all services required for the flour milling industry such as:

   • wheat, durum, maize and rye milling

   •   storage and handling of finished products

   •   bagging and loading

   •   heat treatment of flour, bran and germ

   •   ready mix plants for flour products

   •   bread and bakery goods production.

   Buhler is continually adapting to trends in today's food industry and invests time and money to meet customer's needs and market requirements. Optimizing the technology and the design for efficient, reliable machines will help millers to be substantially more profitable. Buhler's globally accumulated expert knowledge is at the disposal of the milling industry — today and in the future. Please be sure to stop by and visit us at A.O.M. booth 619.

Chief grain management systems

   Chief Industries, York, Nebraska, U.S., is represented by company personnel all around the world. Chief offers a complete line of steel storage tanks, hopper tanks and temporary storage; Caldwell material handling systems; Caldwell dryer and conditioning systems. Wood/steel and all-steel buildings also are available from Chief Industries.

   Chief offers complete grain management systems from planning to completion and future expansion. Visit Chief at A.O.M. booth 136 or contact Gerry Maroulis, international sales manager, at Chief Agri/Industrial Division-International Sales, RR 1 Box 6301, York, Nebraska, U.S. 68467. Tel: 402-363-7472. Fax: 402-363-7444.

Christianson shipunloaders

   Christianson, Blomkest, Minnesota, U.S., builds Fanless shipunloaders for bulk grains, animal feeds and fertilizers. Christianson is a full service supplier — from design and in-house manufacturing to installation and training at the customer site.

Christianson serves the marine port market under the following four product lines:

Product lineTypeDust-freeTonnes per hour

   Christianson shipunloaders are installed in more than 90 countries worldwide, including recent projects under way in Romania, Turkey, Venezuela, Chile and the Philippines. For more information, come by A.O.M. booth 721.

Codema packaging systems

   For manufacturers of products such as flour, mixes, semolina and powdery materials, Codema, Maple Grove, Minnesota, U.S., offers a line of fully automated packaging equipment that handles pre-formed bags ranging from 0.5 to 7 kilograms and that deliver up to 78 bags per minute.

   P.L.C.'s allow bags to be filled and monitored within tightly specified weight tolerances. Additional packaging line components, such as metal detectors, bundlers, weighers, shrinkwrappers and palletizers, are pre-wired for easy connection in the field and to allow for synchronous operation with the main bag filling unit.

   Codema currently has more than 200 packaging lines operating successfully in more than 40 countries, packaging materials such as bakery mixes, bread crumbs, cat litter, cement mix, dental powders, farina, flour, gypsum, masa harina, pizza mixes, rice, seeds, sugar, semolina, tea, tortilla mix and many others. For more information, please visit our representatives at A.O.M. booths 227, 229, 326 and 328.

Compu-Watt weighing systems

   Compu-Watt Weighing Systems Inc., Bragg Creek, Canada, provides innovative weighing solutions for bucket elevators, pneumatic conveyors, screw conveyors and belt conveyors. The weigh systems provide cost effective alternatives to conventional weighing systems when legal for trade accuracy is not required.

   Systems can be applied to new applications or easily retrofitted to existing applications. Installation and startup can be completed in less than a day. There is no mechanical construction, no contact with the process flow and no maintenance. Interfacing capabilities include relay outputs, 4-20 ma current source, RS232 or RS485.

DICKEY-john grain analysis system

   The GAC2100 grain analysis computer from DICKEY-john, Auburn, Illinois, U.S., combines fast, fully automatic analysis of grain moisture levels with superior communications technology to optimize the accuracy and performance of grain testing programs.

   Features include self-loading, automatic sample weighing, automatic temperature, automatic moisture compensation, a self-test before each moisture reading and an instrument leveling device. A 64-calibration memory, with user-defined “quick-keys” for automatic selection of most used grains is available, as is a page-by-page forward or reverse scroll-through for selection of other grains.

   The system offers automatic calibration selection through the whole moisture range and automatic creation of sample identification numbers, test date and time for improved record keeping. Error messages warn operators of measured value outside allowable calibration limits.

   The system may be operated with local or remote control via RS232 serial PC/modem connections, with access security. Communication software provides the ability to update calibration data and to perform remote diagnostic checks without taking the unit out of service. Operation comes in English or a variety of other languages.

   The GAC2100 has been selected as the official moisture meter for the national inspection system of the United States Department of Agriculture's Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration.

Entoleter degerming systems

   Entoleter, Hamden, Connecticut, U.S., has pioneered both an economical and “user friendly” method of degerming dry maize with the Entoleter CentriMil.

   Most applications for degerming maize require tempering to allow germ removal. The generated products are the germ and a wet mush. The Entoleter method requires no tempering and, as a result, eliminates the requirement for drying equipment, therefore providing financial savings.

   Maize is taken directly from storage and run through the CentriMil to separate the germ. The hardness of the maize, yellow or white, affects the yield of maize grits and germ. The optimum moisture content is between 12% and 15%. Entoleter's experience with yellow maize has also shown a tendency toward larger grits. A greater feed capacity can be processed through a single CentriMil than with other available methods. Between 10 to 20 tonnes per hour can typically be processed using one Entoleter mill.

   The CentriMil will respond to maintain yield under changing conditions. In either a pneumatic-type or a bucket elevator maize mill operation, the CentriMil allows the operator to compensate for changes in moisture level, bulk density and hardness to maintain a constant flow through the mill.

   Entoleter has been a recognized leader in the grain milling industry for 50 years. We are continuously improving applications for cleaning, grinding, mixing and separating hulls and germ from grain. See us at A.O.M. booths 111 and 113, call 1-203-787-3575 for help with your special grain milling problems or reach us on the Internet at www.entoleter.com.

Filip sieve and rollermill cleaners

   Filip GmbH, Gutersloh, Germany, manufactures high quality sieve cleaning brushes, sieve cleaners with studs, bottom cleaners for plansifters and rollermill brushes.

   The products meet the most stringent demands. Their special merits include long service life, based on the use of high-grade raw materials and high-quality workmanship; effective and optimized sieve cover cleaning, based on the use of specially adjusted brush material or studs combined with the design of the cleaner body; and resistance to all climatic conditions.

   Filip serves the milling industry worldwide, directly or through a network of agents, and guarantees customers reliable and responsible service. For four generations, the family-owned company has made it its business to research, develop and optimize sieve cleaning technology.

   With the aim of promoting technological progress, we have expanded our product range by introducing an innovative sieve cleaner and brush for the new plansifter sieve generation, without back wire under the sieve frames, that clean the sieve cover and bottom sheet simultaneously.

Fundiciones Balaguer mill rolls

   Fundiciones Balaguer S.A., Onil, Spain, was founded in 1916 as a company that specializes in the production of centrifugal and static chilled iron rolls.

   Today, after building a new factory in Spain, Fundiciones Balaguer's production capacity has increased dramatically, with a wide range of products such as flour, flaking, cracking and crushing rolls that range in size from 150 millimeters up to 800 mm in diameter.

   The most important aim for Fundiciones Balaguer has always been careful analysis of the products in order to achieve the highest levels of quality. We are proud of this careful analysis because it is the reason that so many companies continue to trust Fubasa. Our customers know that the quality of their product starts in the quality of Balaguer's rolls.

Great Western sifters

   Great Western Manufacturing Co., Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S., is North America's leading manufacturer of sifters used in the cereal milling industry. This includes the Model HS free-swinging sifters and the single section Tru-Balance.

   The HS sifter is available from two to eight sections in three sieve sizes. Net sifting areas range from 0.24 to 0.47 square meters per sieve.

   The Tru-Balance sifter is available in either an enclosed box-type unit or a boxless version with nest-together sieves and lift-out screen frames. Net area is up to 1 square meter per sieve.

   Great Western also offers the In-Line Tru-Balance sifter that can be inserted directly in a positive pressure conveying line for removal of a small percentage of oversize material. Machines with rates up to 500 kilograms per minute are available.

   Great Western sifters are known for their highly reliable drives, which provide years of dependable operation, and for their quality of craftsmanship. The sifters are individually engineered for each application. Options are numerous, allowing the sifters and sieves to be customized to specific needs.

   Visit Great Western's A.O.M. booth 431 or its website at http://www.gwmfg.com for an overview of Great Western's full line of equipment.

GSI galvanized grain storage bins

   The GSI Group, Inc., Assumption, Illinois, U.S., has the distinction of being the market shareholder and leading manufacturer of galvanized grain storage bins in the world.

   Sales are conducted through a dealer network consisting of knowledgeable representatives throughout the world with the utmost in business ethics.

   Because of aggressive leadership and awareness of the international market, 1982 brought about the expansion of GSI's international trade. Today, GSI storage and drying product lines are marketed internationally under the trade name “GSI International,” which exports to more than 70 countries around the world.

   GSI offers more than 1,000 models of grain silos with sizes up to 32 meters in diameter and capacities exceeding 19,700 tonnes. A complete grain drying and conditioning product line is also available. More than 60 models of computer controlled portable dryers are available with drying capacities up to 112 tonnes. For commercial drying, GSI introduces the GSI Tower Dryer with exceptional drying power up to 182 tonnes.

   Bucket elevators and drag conveyors have been introduced into the GSI line in 1998. Drag conveyor models range in capacity from 25 tonnes to 1,040 tonnes. The bucket elevators will offer capacities up to 1,040 tonnes. These are available in powdered coated for extended outdoor exposure, galvanized and stainless steel construction.

   GSI offers complete systems to give you an efficient, profitable grain storage and handling operation. GSI, with eight manufacturing facilities, has supplied complete systems to flour, feed and rice mills, grain port terminals and elevators, as well as row crop farmers.

InterSystems bucket elevators, equipment

   Bucket elevators from InterSystems, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., feature pillow block bearings, quick release hinged doors, safety labeling and detailed computer calculations. The self cleaning and gravity boot designs have a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters per hour. Bucket elevators are galvanized and made of stainless steel.

   Choose from five automatic truck probes with compartmentalized or core tips. Automatic truck probes are free standing and hydraulically operated with extendible boom, long range delivery units and joystick controls.

   InterSystems has 20 models of automatic samplers. Operation can be air, electric or hydraulic with compact, dust-tight design. Also spout, belt or pneumatic line designs are offered.

   The bulk weighing system displays the flow rate and has programmable soft keys. Active graphic displays come in weight certificate printouts. See us at A.O.M. booths 336 and 237.

Jaymark milling equipment

   The A.O.M. conference and trade show highlights new choices of products from Jaymark, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Known for efficient, cost effective, grease lubricated roller bearing conversion kits for rollermills, Jaymark is displaying two advances in milling technology.

   Spomasz Milling Engineering Group, with more than 100 years of machinery design and manufacture, will be displaying the Spomasz FM06 two-high rollermill, with quality and options previously offered in only the most expensive rollermills.

   The Ferkar Universal Mill is much more than a vertical hammermill. Patented knife design and air recirculation allow the Ferkar Mill to outperform other mills with incredible efficiency. For mill screenings, a Ferkar mill with as little as 10 horsepower matches output capacity of 50 h.p. hammermill systems without the use of filters, air locks, cyclones, blowers, pneumatic lifts or fans. Ferkar mills have proven to be consistently efficient mills for bran reduction with similar energy savings, while eliminating the hazards associated with other types of mills.

   The closed system of milling intrinsic with the Ferkar mill makes it a superior choice for milling of spices, herbs, coffee and other edible food products including sugar.

   See these products and more at A.O.M. booth 531, and contact Jaymark for additional information.

Kice air systems

   For more than 50 years, Kice Industries, Wichita, Kansas, U.S., has specialized in industrial air systems and has developed state-of-the-art technology to skillfully use and control air for industrial purposes such as milling, processing, blending, filtering, pneumatic conveying, pollution control air classification and aeration.

   Dedication to top quality performance and a strong focus on problem-solving techniques have made Kice a leader in the field of skilled air products. Our designs are built to satisfy the needs of our customers for efficient, innovative products using dependable Kice components.

   Our products include the Kice Shortflow Unit flour mill; complete pneumatic conveying systems, pressure and vacuum; components such as cyclones, airlocks, fans, PD blower air power units; prefabricated ducting; Multi-Aspirators; bag house filtration systems; air stabilizers; fluidized bin bottoms; foundry sand reclaiming systems; and complete grain and spice milling systems.

   New corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities completed in late 1996 have provided the space needed to expand our engineering, manufacturing and customer service capabilities to meet increasing customer needs.

   Whether your need calls for just one component, several combined units or a complete programmable controlled system, Kice can handle it all. Visit us at our A.O.M. booths in area 424 for more information.

Leonhard Breitenbach rollermill rolls

   Since its founding in 1866, Leonhard Breitenbach GmbH, Siegen, Germany, has grown into a modern, worldwide company. It is the outstanding quality of its rolls and services that helped the company gain a firm place in the market and the fine reputation it enjoys today among all its customers. The production program of Leonhard Breitenbach comprises rollermill rolls for any existing rollermill. Depending on a long lasting experience in the grain milling industry, Breitenbach rolls are manufactured to the customer's specifications.

   The special power of the company lies in offering a ready-to-install product adapted to the special needs of the customer. In addition to standard chill cast iron grades, newly developed special materials from its own foundry are offered. Leonhard Breitenbach's grades offer an indefinite chill depth that results in nearly uniform hardness all over the cross section. These grades allow a regrinding of the roll with very little hardness lost from surface to core. The self-surfacing smooth roll from Leonhard Breitenbach, because of its special material composition, adapts “automatically” to the best suited surface roughness. Another development is high chrome alloyed Marathon corrugated rolls, which have a 1.5 to 2 times longer life span of corrugation.

   Breitenbach's special grades for rollermill rolls achieve economical advantages by reduced energy consumption, increased uniform product quality, longer life and better wear resistance.

   Thanks to accuracy, quality and short delivery times, rolls made by Breitenbach are known worldwide.

Metal Products mill rolls

   Metal Products International, Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S., in 1997 started its own manufacturing and corrugation division in Vega, Texas, U.S. This location is centrally located on historic U.S. Route 66 midway between Chicago and Los Angeles.

   M.P.I. Vega carries a large inventory of rolls of all sizes and can supply regular chilled rolls and Marathon rolls. Also, M.P.I. Vega carries replacement parts for various mills and services all rolls that are sold by the company. For more information, stop by booth 540, call 203-661-4397 or fax 203-622-8569.

Molino rollermills

   Molino, Konya, Turkey, offers the Airtronic Type Mud - 05A rollermill as an example of its latest technology, development and research.

   The Airtronic rollermill is a one-piece machine that allows high resistance, stability and vibration- and noise-absorption qualities. The Airtronic Type Mud - 05A rollermill offers the following features:

   • Specially designed centrifugal cast-iron grinding roll chills

   • Ultra high roll speed up to 1,500 rpm

   • Pneumatically operated roll brushes and feed gate

   • Micrometric adjustment possibilities by gravity indicator

   • Perfect precision and resoluteness in rolls arrangement

   • Electronic variable speed of feed roll drive.

   In addition to the Airtronic rollermill, Molino also offers the Aero-electronic Type Mud - 05AE rollermill. The Aero-electronic rollermill works on many of the same principles as the

   Airtronic, but also includes roll gap adjustment systems, general warning systems, heat control on bearings, electronic control and water cooling systems.

   Representatives of Molino will be on hand to answer your questions in A.O.M. booth 338.

Ocrim grain and milling equipment

   Ocrim, Cremona, Italy, has put “on show” some interesting innovations that include the double purifier SDA 500, DGC maize degerminator and the IDA infestroyer.

   To meet market demand, Ocrim has created the new model SDA 500. The main advantages are:

   • Fluid dynamics optimization and perfect product stratification. The height of the partition sectors varies in accordance with the height of the product layers on the upper sieves.

   •   Superimposability.

   •   Stability, based on vibrating movement using double toothed transmission belts and standard motor.

   •   Perfect product distribution on the sieve. The product inlet has been provided with aspiration and inclination to obtain product stratification before entering the sieve.

   With the conical maize degerminator DGC 055, Ocrim emphasizes its leadership in maize processing. The machine is the ideal solution to obtain high yield of hominy grits thanks to:

   •   The specially designed conical rotor and stator, which rub off the hull and germ by abrasive action to obtain a total dehusked product.

   •   The product retention chute positioned on the product outlet is adjustable according to the desired degerming intensity.

   •   The stator is supported on a precise special slide that can be moved with a gear motor to adjust the gap between the rotor and stator.

   •   Belt transmission drive.

   •   Rotor surface with detachable plates to facilitate maintenance.

   Another useful machine is the infestation destroyer IDA, which is suitable for either wheat in the cleaning section and/or flours before storage and/or delivery. The combined impact among the pins of the rotor and the internal corrugated surface of the stator, in special profile cast iron, guarantee the elimination of hidden infestation. The rotating speed of the rotor is variable according to the type of product to be processed. See Ocrim America at A.O.M. booth 211.

Prokop grain and milling equipment

   Prokop Milling Machines, Pardubice, the Czech Republic, was established in 1870. Since its establishment it has not changed its production program and has become a supplier of machinery and processing equipment for wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, buckwheat, millet, leguminous seeds, soy and other dry and loose materials.

   Prokop supplies machines and equipment for flour and feed mills; storage facilities and flour handling for flour mills; equipment for storage, mixing, blending and handling of gravity flowing materials; pneumatic conveying systems; electrical systems planning and installation; control systems; weighing and dosing systems; grain storage silos, transshipment grain terminals; and planning, engineering, supply and consultation services.

   Prokop is well-known both at home and abroad for its reliability and the long service life of its products. Prokop and all its personnel are ready to give you their undivided attention and extend all their skill to successfully answer your requests. See us at A.O.M. booths 729 and 731.

Sangati Berga grain handling/processing equipment

   Sangati Berga S.p.A., Padova, Italy, a worldwide leader in grain milling technologies, originated by the merger between Berga S.p.A. and Sangati S.p.A., combines more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing grain handling, storing and processing technology.

   The company offers its highly qualified technical services for a wide range of industrial applications including grain handling equipment; ship loading and unloading installations; grain elevators; feed mills; premix plants; concentrate mills; cereal and pulses cleaning and sorting installations; coffee cleaning; polishing and sorting plants; blending and mixing plants; grinding plants; extrusion plants for cereals and soybeans; pet food plants; flaking plants and food plants such as flour mills, semolina mills, rye and oats mills; and maize mills and grits plants.

   With two modern factories in Italy, equipped with the most advanced processing and manufacturing technology such as laser cutting lines, welding robots, computer controlled tool equipment, etc., and two modern engineering departments where experienced and qualified engineers work together on 3D CAD-CAM design systems, the company serves its clients located all over the world.

   Recent installations successfully commissioned are:

   • One mechanical shipunloader for cereals and derivatives with 300 tph capacity to VIMAFLOUR in Vietnam.

   •   Two mobile mechanical shipunloaders for cereals and derivatives with 400 tph capacity to Saudi Arabia.

   •   One mechanical mobile shipunloader for cereals and derivatives with 400 tph capacity to Egypt.

   •   One cleaning and sorting plant for barley, wheat and various pulses with 600 tph capacity to Western Australia.

   •   Five flour mills with various capacities ranging from 100 to 300 tonnes per day to Egypt.

   • Flour mills, each 200 tonnes per day, to Jia Jia Flour Mill, Jiu San Flour Mill and Juhi Flour Mill in China.

   •   Two flour mills to Amber Milling Co., Pennsylvania, U.S.

   Sangati Berga welcomes your questions at A.O.M. booths 311 and 319. Its commercial and engineering departments are looking forward to preparing tailored solutions that will satisfy all your needs with state-of-the-art technology and reliable equipment and machinery, at the most competitive prices.

Scafco grain handling equipment

   Scafco Corporation, Spokane, Washington, U.S., began manufacturing corrugated galvanized steel silos in 1961, producing silos with capacities ranging from 3 tonnes to more than 16,000 tonnes and hopper bottom silos with diameters ranging from 2 to 10 meters and capacities ranging from 14 to more than 3,250 cubic meters.

   Hopper bottom silos feature galvanized steel construction, with a continuous steel support channel at the hopper-to-wall connection on silos 5.5 meters in diameter and larger. Support legs are constructed from wide flange beams, sidewall stiffeners are external, and hopper bottoms ranging from 40o through 60o are available.

   Scafco supplies a full range of accessories, aeration equipment and grain handling equipment, including bucket elevators, drag conveyors, screw conveyors and tube augers, that are integral components of its system.

   Scafco silos have been engineered for quality, quick assembly on site, and simplicity of operation. Stiffened silos ranging from 5.5 to 32 meters in diameter and non-stiffened silos ranging from 4.27 to 14.6 meters, for both commercial and farm storage, are also manufactured. Scafco's plant and corporate offices have 5,400 square meters of modern manufacturing capabilities.

   Scafco Corporation is strategically located only 450 kilometers from the port of Seattle, a major U.S. West Coast shipping port. From the far reaches of the Southern Cone, Africa, Asia and Europe — in more than 45 countries — you will find Scafco silos synonymous with quality, design, engineering and value. ‘Serving the entire world with their storage needs.

Tapco elevator buckets

    Tapco Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., exhibits its complete line of agricultural elevator buckets. All Tapco buckets are manufactured in the highest grade of polyethylene, urethane, nylon and steel available. The popular CC-HD style is the most accepted design in North America. The CC bucket has proven, for nearly a half century, to be the best design available. The CC style is conspicuous by the distinctive “breaks” on the bottom of the bucket. The precise angle of the breaks determines the discharge characteristics of the bucket. “Rounded bottom” buckets cannot emulate the CC style and its excellent performance.

   Tapco Inc. also maintains the largest inventory of elevator bolts in the Western Hemisphere. Four styles (No. 1, No. 3, blunt and pointed end fanged) are stocked in carbon steel, stainless steel and zinc plated. Our inventory of over 9,000,000 pieces guarantees you the proper bolt when you need it.

   Other important products are abrasion resistant sheet lining, in UHMW and urethane, drag flights and hanger bearings for screw conveyors. These items can reduce wear and friction in your grain facility. The Jackson plate belt splice will also be on display.

   Please visit Tapco Inc. at Booths 437-439. Our experienced bilingual staff will be delighted to meet with you and discuss your applications.

Turner chilled rolls

   For more than 100 years, Turner Chilled Rolls Ltd., Ipswich, U.K., has been synonymous with roll making in England.

   Since becoming a part of the Kvaerner ASA group late in 1996, Turner has continued to strengthen its position as one of the world's premier roll makers. Additional heavy duty machine tools now take up all available floor space to accommodate the largest range of client orders ever experienced at Turner, with service to more than 30 countries.

   Metal production is now at the highest average tonnage per month, with yield and metal quality benefiting from Turner's ever improving O.A. program.

   Hollow rolls for water cooling applications are made by utilizing highly accurate shell-sand coring systems, while maintaining the heavy-duty deflection-free quality of the standard solid roll. Turner's Ni-Chrome grade roll is now being utilized with very positive results within the breakfast cereal and oil processing industries. Turner's hallmark of success is quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Vibronet weighing systems

   Vibronet, Lahnau, Germany, presents its on-line pipe weigher, a new, simple continuous weighing system for all sorts of cereals and powder products. This new system can be used for all internal weighing and monitoring of product flows. Although the on-line pipe weigher is not appropriate for calibration, its accuracy of +/-0.5% is perfectly sufficient for most internal uses.

   The main field of application is weighing in the cleaning section, volumetric feeding and yield control. The weigher is totally maintenance-free and can be installed in existing systems very easily, as aspiration or compressed air is not necessary. It is the most cost-effective internal weighing and monitoring solution. Come by A.O.M. booth 710 for more information.

H.R. Williams milling equipment

   H.R. Williams Mill Supply, Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., will formally change its name in October 1998 to Sefar America, Inc., H.R. Williams Division. This change reflects Sefar's worldwide corporate identity and joins sister companies in the U.S., Switzerland, France and Thailand under one corporate identity. H.R. Williams has been a subsidiary of Tetko (now Sefar) since 1992.

   Sefar's heritage in the milling industry began in the early 1880s, and in combination with H.R. Williams' 90-year history of service to the American miller, represents nearly 300 years of expertise in providing the highest quality milling supplies.

   As a prime supplier to the milling industry, Sefar America, Inc./H.R. Williams Division provides the milling industry with sifting media from both wire and synthetic materials, connecting sleeves/filter bags and mill supplies. The synthetic materials are sold domestically under the trademarks NYTEX (nylon) and PECAP (polyester). Wire cloth is trademarked BOPP-SI (Switzerland). These sifting media are of the finest quality for precision and durability and insure our customers consistent, time-tested results.

   Our connecting sleeves, filter bags and mill supplies are designed to support the milling operation and provide the miller “single-call” access to these attendant products. In addition, we sell cloth stretching and filter bag cleaning machines that enhance the life of our products.

   State-of-the-art technology, combined with old-world craftsmanship, remain the cornerstones of our company. At Sefar America, Inc./H.R. Williams Division, service, quality and dedication to our customers continues the tradition of doing business “The Williams Way.” Visit us at A.O.M. booths 405, 407, 504 and 506.