A.O.M. Middle East/East Africa District meeting highlights

by Stormy Wylie
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The trade show at the A.O.M. Middle East and East Africa District meeting in Antalya, Turkey, drew a record 83 exhibitors.

Jean Gault, director of French Export Cereals, Paris, said the A.O.M. district meeting was "the meeting of the Near and Middle East. We are able to meet everybody we need to meet here — it's golden."

Jack Fax, Neuero, Chicago, Illinois, U.S., said the A.O.M. Middle East meeting is usually more successful for him, in terms of business, than the general meeting in the United States. "This has always been a good show for us," he said. "The people who come to the district meeting buy most of the ship loaders and unloaders."

This was the third A.O.M. Middle East District trade show appearance for Brock Grain and Feed Systems, Milford, Indiana, U.S. Bruce Mitchell, sales manager for international grain systems, said Brock was committed to the international marketplace, adding that the location of this year's show in Turkey also was important. "This area, for several years, has been an important part of our business," he said.

John Haugh, international sales manager for Riley Equipment, Vincennes, Indiana, U.S., said the international exposure he received by attending the A.O.M. district meeting was invaluable. "It's a chance to meet new people and help reinforce our relationship with old customers," he said.

Several of the supplier exhibitors were from Turkey. Okcul Barlik of Ugur Machine Industries, Corum, Turkey, said the meeting and trade show gave Turkish milling suppliers the opportunity to show their capacity for manufacturing quality milling equipment. Mr. Barlik said that although most of Ugur's business has been in Turkey for the past 10 years, a growing part of his company's business was now in the Middle East.