AFIA*AGRO review

by Emily Wilson
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Over 6,500 visitors flocked to the 10th anniversary AFIA*AGRO of the Americas exhibition in Guadalajara, Mexico, where 234 companies from nine countries exhibited the latest products and services for the farming and agriculture supply industries. Next year’s exhibition is slated for March 6-8, 2003 in Jalisco. Below we bring you a flavor of this year’s event in our round-up of images from the show. E-Archive #52810


  1. Flemenco dancers celebrate the opening of AFIA*AGRO de las Americas.
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  3. From left: Izq. Denyse C. Selesnick, director AFIA*AGRO 2002; Lic. Francisco Ramírez Acuña, Governor, State of Jalisco; Ing. Rodrigo Diez de Sollano, Secretario de desarrollo Rural del Estado de Jalisco; and David Bossman, AFIA President, officially begin the show.
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  5. Scott Anderson (right) of CPM/Roskamp Champion discussed new equipment at AFIA*AGRO.
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  7. Chief Industries was represented by International Sales Manager, Gerry Maroulis (second right).
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  9. Riley Equipment’s John Haugh (second left) and Brock Manufacturing’s Ernesto DalPonte (third left) visit with AFIA*AGRO attendees.
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  11. Visitors to the American Feed Milling Systems’ booth spoke with Jose Azcui (left), president.
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  13. Larry Prager and Mercedes V. Ayala represented MFS/York/Stormor at the show.


8. Alicia Hupp, president of Sweet Manufacturing, speaks with visitors to the Sweet booth.