AFIA to go three-yearly

by Suzi Fraser
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WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. — AFIA Expo 2003 will be the last biennial "big meeting" for the The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). There will now be a trade show every third year, beginning in 2005.

Meeting in Orlando in February, AFIA’s Board of Directors agreed to drop the AFIAExpo format, which includes the biennial Feed Show and Educational forum as well as the annual May convention. Instead, beginning in 2004, AFIA’s fall committees’ meeting will be expanded with a new focus on manufacturing and equipment as well as the opportunity for firms to display tabletop exhibits. AFIA’s directors will hold their fall meeting at the same time. Every third year, starting in September 2005, this event will feature a full scale Expo. In non-Expo years, the event would revert to tabletop exhibits.

AFIA says the move is "to bring AFIA meetings in line with current industry attendance trends and challenges."

The Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference will remain as a major spring meeting with the AFIA Board meeting scheduled to take place at the same time and location. All AFIA committees and councils will be encouraged to schedule their meetings in conjunction with the new spring and fall events. The Board will also meet in late May or early June, in Washington, D.C.