ADM to contruct five new grain silos in Brazil

by Emily Buckley
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DECATUR, ILLINOIS, U.S. — Archer Daniels Midland Co., has begun constructing five new grain storage silos in Brazil.

The silos, located in Tapurah, Vipishi, Carazinho, Ranchao and Caarapo in central Brazil’s fertile Mato Grosso region, will comp-lement ADM’s existing network of 80 elevators and warehouses in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The new silos should begin accepting grain deliveries by next year’s crop season, ADM officials said.

"ADM’s Brazilian country elevator system is an integral part of our global processing network, delivering crops from the ex-panding production areas to our processing plants in Brazil, Europe and Asia," said Paul Mulhollem, president and chief operating officer, ADM.