A century of experience creating a global force in roll manufacturing

by Emily Wilson
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For over 100 years, Turner Chilled Rolls Ltd. has been synonymous with mill roll manufacturing in the U.K.

Turner, a part of the Davy Roll Group of companies, was acquired in 1999 by Union Electric Steel Corporation, U.S.A., one of the largest forged steel rollmakers in North America. The marriage of U.E.S.C., Davy Roll and Turner brings together a new world force in rollmaking that has strengthened Turner's ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, the company said.

"Mill engineers and designers understand the principle of ‘value engineering,' and the simple fact that alternative cheap products cost a whole lot more in the long term," the company said.

Technically, the Turner roll offers a unique combination of a "one shot" metal pouring technique, producing a sound homogenous roll that will not laminate and is resistant to shear stress, bending moments, deflection and premature failure. Successful re-corrugation is the company's hallmark.

All genuine Turner rolls carry a unique "chemi-etch" brand, with hard stamped roll and order numbers. Two grades — standard chilled iron and Ni-chrome — are produced at Turner's foundry in Ipswich, backed up by on-site comprehensive machining facilities, quality assurance and technical functions.

Turner produces standard roll types as well as uncommon or special designs, conforming to recognized engineering specifications.

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Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 5AP, United Kingdom
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