Materials needed

  • 1-2 paragraph description of the webinar
  • Date and time of the webinar
  • Speaker’s names, titles, bios, and photos (optional)
  • Company logo
  • Header graphic
    • Headers should be 700 pixels wide, any height. You may include logos, title and date information.

File Submission


PowerPoint slide guidelines:

  • Be sure your presentation has a 4:3 aspect ratio (The default is 10"x7.5")
  • Use simple backgrounds. Do not use textured or gradient backgrounds.
  • Use large type (17 point type and smaller is too small.)
  • Do not use embellished type (type with shadows, bevels or special effects.)
  • Do not use sounds, music, animation or slide transitions.
  • Do not embed Excel files.
  • Do not number the slides using the Header/Footer or Master Slide.
  • The PowerPoint slide deck must have no more than one Master Slide in order for it to be automatically converted. To check this for any PowerPoint, please go to the View menu, Master, Slide Master and to View menu, Master, Title Master, and delete any master slides beyond the first one.
  • Please break out all animations into separate slides. All builds, or animations must be expressed as individual slides in a sequence.

Webinar Specs

Materials Required from Sponsoring Company:

  • PowerPoint file
  • Webinar Title
  • Webinar description, 50-100 words 
  • Date and time of webinar
  • Speaker’s names, titles, and short bios. Speaker photos optional.
  • Company logo
  • Photos or imagery relating to topic, optional. 

File Submission

Send all webinar materials to cfluegge@sosland.com

PowerPoint Best Practices

Slide Design Basics
  • File format must be PPT or PPTX
  • Only one master slide is permitted
  • Slide Deck should be no more than 20 Mb in size
  • The first Slide Animation must be set to start on click
  • Slide Transitions are not supported. Break out all animations into separate slides.
  • Embedded objects (ie. Audio, Excel, Video, etc.) are not supported

Avoid Using
  • Type size smaller than 17 point type
  • Embellished type (type with shadows, bevels, or special effects)
  • Textured or gradient backgrounds
  • Slide numbering on the slide Header, Footer, or Master slide

Tips to Maximize Legibility
  • Your presentation should have a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Use larger font sizes than you would normally
  • Use simple design elements and solid color blocks
  • If you plan to insert screen-capture images in your PowerPoint, it is very important that you reduce screen resolution to 800x600 or 800x450 in order to keep the content legible. Also, reduce the color depth to "High Color (16- bit)".