Daily e-Newsletter

E-Newsletter: Daily; Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle 1 and Medium Rectangle 2 Ad Positions

Delivered each weekday, advertising in the e-Newsletter creates branding for your company and a direct link to your website.

Leaderboard: $2,200/month
728x90 pixels & 300x50 pixels*
*The World Grain eNewsletters are designed to deliver dynamically to mobile devices.  Leaderboard ad submissions require a second ad size for use on mobile devices.  

Medium Rectangle 1: $1,800/month
300x250 pixels

Medium Rectangle 2: $1,500/month
300x250 pixels


  • JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF. 50k maximum file size.
  • Animated gifs only display the first frame in Outlook versions 2007 and newer. If you are submitting an animated gif, please be sure your logo and most pertinent content is on the first frame.
  • Resolution: 72 dpi

Email all ad materials as an attachment to webads@sosland.com. Materials are due 5 days prior to the start date.